Towson University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The only thing that I brag about when I talk about my school to my friends is that in my freshman dorm I only had to share a bathroom with one other person.


Towson University is recognized as one of the nation's best regional public universities, one of the top 100 best value public colleges and the location. You are within driving distance of Washington DC, Baltimore and New York City.


Towson University is full of nature with beautiful scenic views that you can see just by looking out your dorm room window. I also love the effective placing of the dorm halls relative to the academic halls. The dorms are on the perimeter while all the academic halls are placed on the inside of the circle of dorm halls. By effectively placing the buildings there, it makes for easier travel.


THE BLACK STUDENT UNION. Towson University's Black Student Union is a great organization that has helped me through my transition from high school to college. It helped me to find my place as an African American student attendind a PWI. Being the president of this organization has helped me to make sure I help other students who come in feeling like I felt as a freshman and make their transition as smooth as possible. This is the best organization on campus.


As an athletic training major at Towson University, I find myself bragging most about my experiecnes in working with Towson athletics. I like to brag about how I worked with the Towson football team, assisting with medical treatments, during their run to the National Championship. I also like to brag about how Terrance West, a Towson athlete was drafted into the Natrional Football League. I am proud to be a part of Towson's athletic program.


The social life and strong since of community. Also the availabilty for tutoring and other academic help.


First of all, I love the college town itself. There are so many things to do not only on campus, but also off-campus. There are also a lot of activities and clubs to join at TU, and the more things you get involved in, the more people you meet! I live close to TU but I feel like i am further away than actually am, which I really like. Also, there is so much school spirit and it creates an amazing enviornment at sports games! No matter what happens, there will be an upROAR! Go Tigers!


I had the opportunity to travel with Towon's competitive speech and debate team. Not only did that give me the chance to travel around the country, it taught me the skills of developing an argument and thinking on my feet. Most people fear public speaking more than they fear death; I'm happy to not have that problem. And one of the best experiences was a coaching session wtih the Dean of the college who is now Towson's president.


I tell my friends that Towson University is a very large school and it is very spacious, well lit and clean.


I brag most about Towson to my friends about the great friendships I made and the residence hall design to allow for studying.


famous alumni


I brag most about the Filipino Cultural Group.


I love our English Department! I've had the best professors!


Being a alum, I brag about the diversity of backgrounds (economically, racially, religiously, educationally, etc.) of everyone I met from freshmen year to the actual day I walked across the stage to this day when I wear my TU gear in public. In addition to the life long memories of encounters with students, faculty, and staff in my 4 years there.


It is really close to Baltimore and the Inner Harbor so you are very close to civilization.


It's not too big, nor is it too small. It is just right.


It would have to be the dorm rooms that I live in because of how my room, I only share it with one room mate and we have our own bathroom and shower. Our dorm rooms are something to brag about because most college have the traditional living residence when your a freshman or sophmore when you have the showers and bathrooms used by every person who lives on that floor.


When I talk to friends & family members in regard to Towson University I brag about it's location. I believe that Towson University is centered around the most cultural area possible. Towson University is in walking distance from the Towson Town Center where there are great shops to explore for both males and females that include anything from parlors, to clothing stores, and accessories. there are also dining areas, with fine cousine, carryout and a some that have a sushi bar. Towson University is also an estimated 25 min. from Baltimore's Inner Harbor, a main attraction in the city.


The one thing I brag most about is Towson's beautiful campus.


I love saying that I go to Towson. it is diverse and right in the middle of a college town where the mall is right across the street.


The instructor are really smart. they strip you off your wisdom and put a fresh mindset in you.


I love the diversity at this school. There are international students that I love meeting and talking to. There are also many student groups that are proud of their heritage and you join to learn more. Also, it is a state school so it is relatively cheaper than most schools. The campus is medium size and really beautiful!


That we have coed dorms and that we do not have a curfew and 24 hour visitation. Towson doesnt put you on lock down and let you be the adult you need to know how to be.


How I am able to walk to the mall, the movie theater, Starbucks, Dunkin' Dounuts, and the Reacher Theater whenever I want. I love being able to walk around to different stores and since there are certain things that are open 24 hours it's nice to be able to escape off campus for a little while.


Its a beautiful campus that for the most part isn't too big or too small.


I would say that Towson is a very good school expecially for students that would like to major in business or education. I also would mention how being invovled on campus is very important because thats where the networking and social skills are important to work on before entering the work force. Towson University offers many clubs and activities and if there are not any of interest to you then you are allowed to create a club of your choice which is very cool.


That I am able to go rock climbing in the gym for free.


how effective, efficient and the quality of education


The actual campus becasue its gorgeous.


Towson University offers very beneficial internships to help expand expereince before graduating. Also, the university allows for a good balance of academics and a social life.


The Theatre Department is Amazing! It's the best in the State!


Great parties.


The artist speaker program.


Diverse, Accademia


The academic program of family studies and community development! This was a great program that prepared me for my future career as a human services provided and for my future studies as a graduate student in social work.


That it i a good Education school. In fact it has the best Education program in my state. And it has nice facilities.


The friends that I have made and the awesome faculty.