Towson University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Getting all work done on time.


The internet connection is not great throughout the campus


The most frustrating thing about Towson University is the lack of availablity for on-campus housing. As a transfer student, it is basically impossible for me to find an on-campus living arrangement. Having to commute to classes every day is the most frustrating part of my college experience at Towson University.


It was very difficult to make friends. I did not make the life long friendships that I hoped to make throughout college.


Sometimes it is frustrating that many of the clubs meet around the same time. I want to attend so many clubs meetings as a way to become involved in the Towson community, but sometimes club meetings overlap or at times when I have class.


It was not my first choice and is more of a liberal arts college instead of a hardcore business school. I am stuck here due to my financial inability to go to my first choice school. This is frustrating since my parents can afford to send me to my first choice school but do not want to. Because of this I am also incapable of recieving financial aid.


Financial aide availablity was probably the most frusterating aspect of Towson, along with some of the professors. Trying to acquire the money inorder to pay for college was very frusterating.


The parking situation! There are alot of commuters and it is very difficult to find parking. Five minutes makes a big difference when it comes to finding a parking space in the morning!


The most frustrating thing about our school is the Financial Aid Processes.


I wanted to host a Feed My Starving Children event on campus, but the processing and fees that the school would require are superflous. FMSC is an organization that packs meals and sends them overseas to children without food. I thought it would be an awesome chance to make students more aware of world wide starvation, while giving them an opportunity to do something about it, however, the extra work I would have to do simply to get the event approved would take too much time and money.


One of the most frustrating things at Towson, are how some professors and faculty don't feel inclinded to help you. They are not all like this! Not even most, but you do run into some, and it is very frustrating. Just keep going to different people unitl you get the help you need.


The single most frustrating thing about my school, indeed all schools is a lack of funding availability for white males. I am financially secure by my own accord (I saved 80% of those Army checks), debt free and attending school on the GI Bill. I've seved my country only to be discriminated against based on my gender and race. There are minority student unions yet I would be disbarred trying to start one of my own. The ladies get their own special orientation but where's one for the guys (to warn them about college girls for instance!)?


Professors that did not assess students' prior knowledge to get an understanding of their current knowledge. I felt very lost and behind in some of my classes at the beginning before I was able to catch up.


Signing in guests is kind of a hassle; at UMD College Park, people can just bring their guests in without a big fuss. Also, the parking is really bad for most of the week. Academically, though, everything about Towson is pretty great.


The most frustrating thing for me as a freshmen, has been not having my car. Freshmen are not allowed to bring their cars due to parking space, and since I am from out of state, it would be nice to have a car to just get away on the weekends and days we get off of school. They provide a free shuttle bus for students, but the days/times are very inconvenient and it does not take you to very many places. So being stuck on campus is frustrating.


The most frustrating thing to me about my school is how expensive everything on campus is. As a freshman here at Towson they don't let us have a car on campus, so I am left to depend off of whatever is on campus. The prices in our University store for the simpliest items are so expensive. We pay so much to go here to begin with so I don't have the extra money to subdue to the amusement park prices. At the end of the week I have to save up so many meals just to buy food.




The most frustrating thing about my school is the futile charges. It appears that Towson University finds any route to charge their students. Many of the charges may range from credit limitations to parking violations. Because the rules and regulations at Towson are at abundance, it is a bit difficult for a freshmen or a transfer student to get aware and get used to the system. I must admit that I am a living testimony and a reflection of the freshmen or transfer students at Towson University. In my fifth week of school, Towson gave me a parking citation.


At my school I haven't found anything that truly frustrates me. So far the experience for me has been all positive.


The most frusterating thing about Towson university is the terrain that makes up the campus. There are plenty of hills that cause for frusteration when walking to class especially when you are carrying multiple books and a laptop. Its irritating and embarrassing to arrive to class huffing and puffing after adventuring across hills and then up three flights of stairs to get on time.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that i see alot of people smoking around. i personally hate the smell of smoke and it irritates me. Everytime i am walking to a class there are people smoking that are walking infront of me , so i end up inhaling second- hand -smoke. i am concerend about my health and the health of others. If i could change anything about Towson i would it would be the about of smoking around the campus.


Although there is a dormitory for international students, there lacks a lot of diversity on the other parts of campus. The school needs a culture check. It is frustrating being a minority on this campus because students seem to rely on cliques for social events.


The most frustrating aspect of my school is honestly how it is layed out. There are too many hills and they are mostly upward and also all of the construction that is going on in campus. You can hear them working and banging their materials; it gets kind of distracting.


The most frustrating thing about my school now, is the current construction that is being applied to the campus to add on additional educational facilities. This is frustrating because there are so many detours that students have to take to classes. Sometimes it is difficult to manuver around the traffic. The construction also begins early in the morning , so for some students that can be an irritating factor if there classes are scheduled later than 8a.m in the morning. In some classes you can hear the busy sounds of costruction and it may be a distraction to students.


When I was first accepted to Towson, the housing administration told me I was going to be roomed in a forced triple. Because of the huge amount of people accepted into Towson, I was forced to room with two other girls in a double room. This was amazingly frustrating because I had to get used to rooming with two other people, then halfway through the year I was transferred to a different room which is now further from my classes. I very much think Towson should not have accepted so many people if they couldnt give them their own rooms.


As with most schools, it is the financial aid and the availability of classes. Since only a certain number of students are allowed in each class it is hard to graduate in four years, because you can't get the classes you need.


Enrolling in classes can be frustrating, and the lack of school spirit for sports teams makes going to football games not very fun


less blacks and african americans in my school. sometime i feel out of place


I never leave. I wen for undergrad and now i'm still here for grad school. Sometimes it is hard to find a nice place to study (quiet when alone or some chatter when with groups). PARKING, it can be extremly bad in the middle of the day, not worth the price of the pass. But if you have early or late classes not typically a problem.


The most frustrating thing about Towson University is that parking is really bad. Even living on campus, there is not enough parking spots for the number of permits that are given each year and there are currently no new plans to build parking. Instead, they are building three new academic buildings, which will lead to more students on an already crowded campus. While the campus is crowded, it is definitely not over capacity I feel, but it is getting close.


They don't have enough teachers for the classes people need to take. A lot of classes I need fill up quickly so I have to wait another semester to take them. There is also too much soliciting around campus. Groups and clubs are always trying to make you buy things, donate, etc. It's not bad, I like helping, but when people are constantly screaming for you to help out, it gets extremely annoying and frustrating!!!! Hello, college students= no money!


All the construction, and everyone leaves on the weekend to either go to other colleges or back home.


probably just the parking for commuter students.


All of the professors assign papers due at the same time and expect that you treat their class as if it is the only class you are taking.


Not enough parking for commuting students. Difficult to get classes you need to graduate on time.


There are times where the University and its non-academic staff are concerned more about money than they service they provide. The result is an over-admission of students and a lack of space to accomodate them and their needs in terms of housing, and advisement.




The most frustrating thing about my school is that I have had a time figuring out my course schedule for the upcoming months.


Lack of student diversity.


The parking and how unhealthy the food is.


Not always being able to get the classes you want as you begin to take the upper level classes is frustrating, and parking is a nightmare for commuter students.


Lack of certain resouces and the cost around campus for those resources. Construction to the campus is also very frustrating. There is also not enough parking for the commuter population.


Ignorant and uninterested people and transportation.


On the verge of becoming overcrowded, meals cost way too much


The classrooms are very well kept. The staff who serves food can be very nice at some places and extremely rude at other ones.


The advisors and the fact that a bachelor degree has prety much turned into a 5 year program.


Frats and Soros dont have houses on campus


The parking! It takes forever to find a spot. Students have to pay $240 for a parking permit and are not gauranteed a parking spot. I have to get to school two hours before my class starts to get a spot.