Towson University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Classes are way harder than expected.


I wish someone told me how hard it was to get an "A" and how easy it is to get distracted.


I wish I knew that a lot of students lived in the off campus apartments and created their own communities there.


The diversity of classes offered. If I had known earlier I would have began my major on time instead of a semester late.


Everyone has a job.


I was well informed about this school before I started attending. There is nothing that I wish I had known about the university.


I wish I had known about the best teachers to take, the requirements for my major and how many classes I was allowed to re-take before using a separate application.


I wish I had understood the level of commitment that upper level classes bring. Once I hit my junior year, the work load probably tripled, and I could have used guidance and advisment on time management.


I wish I had known a little bit more about the campus and where certain bulidings were located so I did not get lost.


Towson is a wonderful school but it would have been nice to know about all the construction that would be going on for th enext four years while I was there. Construction inconvenients both the teacher and student and has made me late on a number occasions because you never knew about the detour until you got to it.


I wish I had known about the type of work that this school required.


There isn't anything I can think of. You can pretty much get all the information you want by going on one of the tours. Since all the tours are given by current students you can get fresh real information and the opinions of the people who go there.


How much fun it would be. I chose to go to a community college for 2 years before transferring to TU, but if I'd know how much I'd love it, I would have done all 4 years there.


I wish I had known about the housing before I came to Towson University. I lived in Prettyman Hall my freshman year which was the worst because we had no air condition. Prettyman Hall is considered to be on the old side of campus, but it is one out of two halls that do not have avaiable air condition.


I wish I had known that Towson would be such a great experience, then I would not have been so nervous before i got here. However, the anxiety quickly faded away because Towson is such a great school. I also wish I knew how to cite a paper before I got here. My first paper was a challenge because i did not know how to cite a paper in APA format.


I had lived with my sister in a room, but never with a roommate who may be inconsiderate, or decide to run amok and decide to sleep with half the guys on campus our first semester. Finding a good roommate is a challenge, but they are out there. Dorm living is one of the greatest things I have ever done, and still have friends I met on that first day, some 30 years (gasp) later. Don't give up and run home if it doesn't work out at first!


Before coming to Towson University as a second semester sophomore, I wish I would have known to try to get into a dormitory on campus. Living off campus I have found it harder to make friends because I am not constantly surrounded by other students, except for my three roommates.


I wish I knew about the scholarships the school provided. As a freshman I missed the chances of receiving the scholarships at Towson University. As a second semester freshmen at Towson, I can come to a conclusion that if I was informed about the scholarships given to the first semester freshmens, I wouldn't be living my college life as a commuter.


Juniors are not guaranteed housing on campus.


I must say that Towson is very good at making transfer students feel comfortable transfering. They make information available to you online and walk you through every step of the way to make your transition from a two-year college into a four-year college as smooth as possible. My orientation was throughly explained to me and all of my questions were answered (sometimes before I asked them). I believe that the one thing I wish I had known before coming to Towson was how easy the transition would be. I could have slept better the night before orientation.


Prior to comming to this school I wish I had known about course admission and accessment which seem somewhat caotic during the beginning days of a new semester.


I wish I had know how to manage my time better. There are so many activities and organizations that are available for people to get inlolved with; it's easy to get priorities mixed up. I ended up getting more involved than I should have, not leaving enough time for me to thoroughly focus on my studies.


I wish I were aware of the limited amount of free campus activities.


I find myself missing home alot because of the three hour drive. I also wish I was aware of the fact that even though my school has thousands of people, you find yourself knowing alot of the same people and having the same connections. Especially if you are friends with a sorority or fraternity, there is not as much diversity in group affiliation as one may think.


Parking is absolutely terrible so don't waste your money on a parking pass unless you're splitting it with someone. Also, live off campus because the rules for the on-campus housing are restrictive.


Before I went to Towson University I wish I had known how relatively easy it would be for juniors and seniors to obtain on-campus housing. Though housing is guaranteed for an incoming freshman?s first four semesters, Towson neglected to mention what happened afterwards. So when the fourth semester arrived my friends and I were frantically scanning the classifieds and searching online, trying to find affordable off-campus housing. Two weeks later, much to our immense relief, we received a letter in our mailboxes explaining that nice, on-campus apartments were available for our junior and senior years.


I wish I had prepared better for their in-processing of sytudents which was really in-depth


The high cost of text books. However this applies to most institutions.


how expensive off campus housing and sororities were


How the meal plans work (like how you get ripped off), how on campus apartments work when you apply for housing (so I would not have gotten screwed over), that you lose A LOT of money for no reason, that if you apply to live on campus, the $350 you pay JUST to hold your can not get back. For no reason other than they want to steal your money.


Towson is a commuter school and is known for it. Parking is horrible. Because everyone practically commutes not many students are on campus during the weekend except for those with campus housing.


I wish I knew that for the Deaf Studies portion of my major I would need to find other opportunities to practice and learn ASL outside of class. I didn't realize how much the Deaf Studies department did not prepare me for the Deaf Community and communicating with them. I also wish I knew exactly what classes I needed to graduate on time before entering Towson because they placed me in courses that did not apply to my major and now I am behind in my course requirements.


I wish I had known how important your high school GPA really is because it could have helped me to secure a lot more scholarship based aid than I was able to.


Nothing. You got the information you needed about the school and campus life, so making the decision was easy and I was not disapointed in what I received.


Before deciding to attend my university I wish I had known that the art department was inconsistent with their major requirements. I am a photography major and I have had an extremely difficult time taking pre-req courses and registering for required courses. Many required course are within other departments and are not offered to non majors of the department. Other courses are not often on a consisten basis. Also the photography department is constantly changing the degree requirements which causes majors to have to stay in school longer than they planned.


I wish I had a better idea of my major so I could have been more selective in my classes.


To really take advantage of the on-campus activities and join clubs or greeks organizations or else you feel a little secluded from others.


That it is more of a bar school than a house/apt party school.


I wish I had known that the advisors are not up to par of other universities. I wish I had also known about the of campus apartment situation and the leases of many on campus apartments.


I wish I had known more about the classes being offered before accepting admission to Towson.


parking is ridiculous


I wish I knew that the students were mainly from only a few surrounding states.


I wish I had known that the chemistry department wasn't very good. Most of the Teachers have a heavy accent or are older and are not willing to compromise to help the students understand.


That a lot of people go home on the weekends.


The different dorm situation.


I wish I knew that is not as diverse as it appears to be on paper, but that is slowly changing.


I wish I had known the campus police were as strict as they are.


Before I came to this school I wish that I had known more about the surrounding area of towson and baltimore.


I wish I had known more about the community's art venues so that I could have been more involved from the beginning of my college career.


I wish I had known that it was suitcase campus, a lot of people leave on the weekends. But you just make friends with the people that stay and you have a blast when campus clears out!