Tri-County Technical College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Any one with a need or desire to further their education for the benifit of their life.


Any kind of person could attend this school. This school is a place for people to go to prepare themselves for a four year college or for people that like to go back to school for their work or to get more education to be more qualified.


Someone who is not serious about learning and enhancing their possibilities of a real career should not attend Tri-County Technical College. Although it is only a technical college, the classes are still challenging and the professors truly do intend for us to succeed. Do not make the same mistake i did before coming to this college and underestimate it. It is indeed a college and you will fully learn things necessary for your intended major.


Anyone who wants to learn should attend. While I have been at Tri-County Technical College I have noticed a number of students that are not applying themselves. I think that they are being very selfish. Some of these students interrupt the classes. Some of them are very disrespectful towards the instructors. They are just disruptions to everyone that wants to learn. The people that I am speaking of should stay away from schools all together until they are truly committed to school. Anyone who genuinely wants an education will find a place for themselves at Tri-County.