Trident Technical College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


You should go here if you need to save money or are working.


Any student that is ready to work hard towards obtaining their goals and dreams.


A person that may not be financially stable, but is serious about gaining an education, should attend Trident Tech. Anyone who would like to start their general education, and would like to transfer to a four year, or actually obtain a job from their degree should also attend classes at Trident.


The kind of person that should attend Trident Technical College is someone who is dedicated to thier studies, and who has a mature and realistic mentality on what they want thier life to be like.


The kind of person that should attended this school is someone that isn't care to take risks or challenge themselves to further their education and provide outcome for the future. The person has to be willing to try their best at all cost, ask for help when needed, and basically have full thoughout ideas. A student has to be willing to work hard, has ambition, and a drive to achieve whatever dream this may have. they also has to be able to manage their time wisely, don't do minimuim, but go beyond, and a student that has focus.


Someone that is trying for a 4 year school, that really wants to pick up cheaper credits that will transfer to a four year school.


If you are looking for a school with small class sizes, then this should not be your choice. If you want great instructors, to actually learn, and to enjoy where you go to school. Then this is the place for you.


A person who is dedicated and determined should attend this school. It is important to be passionate about one's goals, and be willing to go to any measure in order to accomplish those goals. When one is given the chance to attend college it is a privilege that many have been deprived of, so it is something that should be handled with pride and integrity. I believe is takes a strong person to attend this school, but anybody has the capability of doing so.