Trident Technical College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


For as long as I have been here at Trident, I have not encountered any real frusterations, other than the fact the the cafeteria closes at 2:00pm. The professors and staff are all very helpful and nice so far. I also like the diversity of the student body, and the special attention that anyone can be given if they need extra help. One example of that would be the free tutoring that Trident offers.


This is my first time attending college and im looking forward to a great an successful two years. I havent started classes yet but i will this coming August.


I can't think of anything


I must be a resident of South Carolina to qualify for many of the scholarships and money, and I cannot become a resident until 24 years of age and the financial aid deartment doesn't help by not leting you get private loans, they only let you recieve parent plus loans and I don't have a parent to cosign for me. So I am stuck in a rock and a hard place trying to get help from anyone I can to afford school.


The most frustrating thing about Trident Technical College is that certain classes are offeredon a very limited basis. For example, MAT132 - Disceret Math is required for my major but can only be taken during the Spring semester.