Trinity Christian College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Trinity Christian College is the academics and the one on one attention you get with the professors. By attending Trinity Christian College you are treated as an indiviual instead of a number like at most colleges. The best thing here at this college is the learning atmosphere. Trinity Christian College focuses on your education and your connection with Christ and connecting it with the real-world. Trinity is the only small college that I know that actually focuses on your education and cares about your well-being as an indiviual.


By far the best thing about Trinity Christian College is the location. We are only a short train ride from downtown Chicago! This allows for frequent class trips to the city, especially to the art museums. Additionally, it is easy to become involved downtown in the many cultural events and service opportunities. We can even apply to take classes and live downtown in a program called the Chicago Semester. This program allows you to live downtown and take select classes while participating in an internship in your chosen field.


The best thing about my school is the size. I always attended high schools with a large population so Trinity is a nice change of size. It is easier to get to know people and the enviroment seems alot less anxious. Professors are also able to get to know their students easier, which makes it nice for the students who are seeking help from their professors.


How faculty, and students make you feel comfortable.