Trinity International University-Illinois Top Questions

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TIU offers great financial aid oppurtunities. The financial aid counselors are friendly and helpful. They helped make it affordable for me to attend this university. The small size of the student body at TIU is something that is very unique from other schools I considered. I like the small size as I feel personally invested in and not just another number in the books.


Trinity is classified as a Private, Christian institution, which is not all that uncommon. However, unlike most private christian universities, Trinity allows "non-religious" students to attend. In other words, Trinity allows for a very diverse campus, considering the classification it is under. I really appreciate this, seeing as I grew up attending a public school that was diverse in a similar aspect.


An interesting aspect about Trinity is it's reliance on student-to-student accountability and the succesfulness of this program. Students help each other, care for each other, and help essentially whenever needed. It's easy to put kids on probabtion or give them warnings,but Trinity works to ensure that students are helping the other students in all aspecs of life, whether it be school, friendships, or even faith. Students are there not just to live for themselves but to also help others.


The small campus makes it easy to get to know a lot of people without the pressure that larger schools put on students to find a scoial group, making it less stressful in that aspect. The small classes allow for teachers to take an individual approach with each student.


The campus is very beautiful and the staff and factuly is very welcoming. They aim at learning each and every student's name. They also go above and beyond to get students involved and the materials they need to succeed.