Trinity International University-Illinois Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I think people who enjoy big schools would not enjoy Trinity. TIU offers students an experience in which they treat you like an actual person and not just another statistic. It's also not really a party school. Its focused on education and building character, so if you're looking to go wild, then this isn't the school for you. This; however, does not mean the school is not fun. In fact, the school offers new and creative ways of getting to know each other on a different level.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is one whom is essentially looking for a party in college. Trinity International University is a very small Christian private school that holds tight restrictions on alcohol, drugs and even males going into female dorms and vice a versa. TIU very much wants to uphold Christian values on its campus and expects its students to follow the its rules, which include going to chapel three times a week and obeying "open hours." Its rules are not; however, as strict as those at other Christian universities such as Liberty University.


Well, since Trinity is a Christian school with Christian morals, people who have no intention of following those rules would have a hard time at Trinity. However, I would say any sort of student would be accepted there, the just might not appreciate the standards that Trinity expects its students to uphold. Someone who was looking to go to school to party and do nothing would probably not be satisfied with Trinity.


Students who are looking for a party school will be dissappointed. Students looking for vast diversity will not find it on campus, although there are diverse communities close of which student can engage. Students who want to play on a nationally recognized sports team should go elsewhere. Students who seek a very urban experience will be disatisfied by the suburban location.