Trinity International University-Illinois Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


It's a small school with rather high tuition rates that seem to increase by the hundreds on a yearly basis.


The most frustrating thing is something the school has little control over. Certain corners of the student community do not meet behavioral expectations in private, though they do in public. Though it is not rampant, there is an occasional presence of alcohol, drugs, and premarital sex in secret. Rules against these are enforced, however, and some are caught.


The most frustrating thing about Trinity is the lack of a performing arts center and the older state of some of the buildings. Being a music major, and not having a building set aside for performances, recitals, and such, it is pretty discouraging. In a way, it takes some of the credence away from the department (in my mind) on a student level.


The school is a priviate Christian school, and as such it strives to protect its students with student expectations. These expectations include no drinking, no smoking ect. These rules are helpful to young students who are not use to living on thier own, or making choices for themselves. The frustration was that some students found the expectations too restrictive, but the expectations also created a safer enviornment than many other college campuses. If the safety of the campus could have been provided in a way that still allowed more freedom of choice, it would have been better.


They do not release the book list very early to allow time for ordering and shipping so students can have them when they start the class.


Right now the most frustrating thing is that everyone assumes that everyone else is a Christian so they don't realy allow for other ways of viewing or doing things. Controversial views aren't always welcomed.


Everyone knows each others business