Trinity Valley Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


In my opinion on what type of person should not attend the school I am currently attending would be someone who is above average when it comes to financial status. Someone who wants to just hope right in to a four year university and knows exactly what they want to do, they should not attend this school. I am going to a two year community college and the alumni is extremely diverse. Single parents are enrolled, single mothers, kids still in highschool, retired seniors..etc.. Students who have the available funds for expensive higher learning institutions shouldn't enroll here.


If a person wants to make a drastic change from high school to college then Trinity Valley is not for them. The class rooms sizes are the same of a typical high school. By a month into the college you would have met a majority of the people who attend the college. Seeing the same people and being in the small classrooms tie alot into high school years. Being in Trinity Valley sometimes feel like i just moved to a different high school and beside the location,students, and faculty nothing has really changed.