Troy University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing Troy Montgomery is the fact that one day I'll have to graduate and leave. I am absolutely blessed to be able to attend such an amazing school! I love the campus size, all the buildings are close together. I love the class sizes, they're small so I get to be a person and not a number. Lastly, I love the tradition here at Troy! I am so proud to be a Trojan and so blessed to attend such an amazing school with an amazing nursing program!


The worst thing about Troy University has to also be the best thing. Anyone and I mean anyone can freely express ideas on campus. We have had raging preachers condeming us to hell, Philisopical arguments of the Uberman and candy, and had Live action roleplayers trying to recruit all on the same day within hearing distance of each other. By and far a interesting, eye opening and somewhat odd campus.


Nothing so far, I am starting my frist semester.


The parking is awful. You would have to get to your class very early to get a good spot near the buildiing without hiking a mile.


The worst thing about my school would be how hard it is to find a job. I've been trying to get a good on campus job for like the last two years. I just want to know what a salary and a steady pay check feels like.


The lack of support from the community as a whole. It helps to have the support of your community when attending a school. The community support helps when it come to finding part time jobs and off campus housing.


The best way to describe Troy University's downfall is the rural small town vibe. For some people small town can be but a let down for me and many others thats the best part. When talking to a perspective student who wants to major in something like say the Law might not be the school for you because even though Troy has a large student body you will won't meet as many people from all walks of life which is really something a Lawyer should focus on. It depends on your major and how you learn.


Nothing was that bad.


Really, nothing. I enjoyed my time and experience at Troy.


Though I do not see many things terrible about Troy University, I do wish the off-campus sites would offer more in-class courses as opposed to online - the interaction and face-to-face communications provide a more effective learning environment, in my opinion.


There is a lack of things to do beyond sporting events and working out.


The only thing that I see bad about Troy is that they don't push students to do interns before they graduate so that they can actually find a job once they grafduate. No one told me how important it was and no one ever told me how important it was to see my advisor on a regular basis.


The worst thing about Troy University is the lack of communication, whether between departments or between students and faculty. If people would learn good communication skills, a lot of problems would never occur.


no jobs


The worst thing about Troy is that the sutdents leave on the wwekeneds, so as it gose for having something to do on the weekends is very slim!


I believe the worst thing about my school is the lack of traditional classes and students.


The worst thing I would say is the labs because there are problems accessing the labs online.


There is very little to do here. We don't even have a mall. I feel like since i did not rush I am left out of most of the on campus spirit and activities.


Most of the social life is based around fraternities and sororities. I am not in one, but that might change soon! Not much bad stuff to say about my school!


Parking. For people who live off campus, parking is always trouble.


To be frank, one of the worst things about my school is the lack of a college- town atmosphere. There are very few venues outside of the University that cater to college students. Aside from Greek band parties , there actually isn't very much to do . I feel like Troy should work with the town to encourage and embrace the grwoing population of students looking for places to shop, eat, and hang out.


The worst about Troy is the campus is un organized. When you register or need changes on your schedule, it is always a run-around.


The parking situation would definitely be the most problematic aspect of the school.