Troy University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Troy University provides a very accepting atmosphere. In my time at Troy University, I have never heard a fellow classmate say that they felt out of place or chose the wrong school. Regardless of how one feels before starting at Troy University, it is easy to feel content in your college choice once an individual has moved in and begun classes.


I think that anyone can find their place at this school. We have a very diverse population on campus and they offer enough different majors and activities to help everyone find where they belong.


If you're not serous about becoming a more knowledgeable and well-rounded person and more concerned with having a good time, don't bother going to school


A person who likes the big city


Troy University is an excellent school, with a great staff and environment surrounding it. You shouldn't attend Troy if you are looking to avoid enjoying your college experience, while obtaining a prestigious degree at the same time. If you don't want professors who know your name and care about your education, then you should not attend Troy. There are so many opportunities to succeed, and every member of the faculty and staff at Troy devote all their time and energy into making this possible. Troy is extremely diverse, but you also get that great Southern atmosphere.


Troy is a very diverse college and great for a lot folks. If you have no intention of actually learning something, then you might not be a good fit.


Troy had many campuses and has ecampus. I think Troy is a great school for anyone. As long as they offer the major you are looking for I don't think you can go wrong with Troy.


A pessimistic person should not attend this school. The entire student body has a wonderful pride in the Troy University Trojans that a pessimist would not appreciate or take part in.


A Lazy person who just does not want to do anything with their life.


The only person who should not attend Troy University is the one who does not like an open ethnicity group. Troy is so involved in having a wide variety of students and professors. Troy really does a lot in making everyone something. People should go to Troy because they want to better themselves in life, if they can't do that then they need to stay home.


This school is great for any and everyone.


I do not know. Any campus requires dedication.


I believe that I person should attend any school that he or she feels right for them. Someone who isnt dedicated to their studies and self-motivated should not attend Troy University. Troy University has so many things to offer to students all over the entire world. A person that wouldn't like to be invloved would also not be a good student as Troy. There is always something going on our campus. Anyone that doesn't want to learn and have a wonderful college experience should not attend Troy University.


You should not attend this school if you are not serious about your education.


Someone who expects to enroll, then not show up to class...but pass the course's not happening!


The person who should definitely not attend this school is the one who considers video games, Facebook, MySpace, and Rap the center of the universe. Troy has a strong reputation as a fine university with a rich heritage of teacher education, business, and science. As an art education graduate, I can tell you that academics and fieldwork are key in the curriculum, as they are in many majors. Those who simply do not apply themselves or even get involved in outside life minimally should consider other alternatives for their future.