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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


In a way, maybe, nearly... not quite; not to that extent.


There are some students who really take their studies as seriously as you would expect them to, however, there are the vast majority of students who appear to be just as apathetic, moronic, and inebrieated as those at other colleges that I have had the misfortune of visiting.


Yes, you have to have good grades and good test scores to get in, but it's a very simple process to become one of us! And we most ceratinly have time to do fun stuff. we have so many clubs and organizations that it can be hard to choose, but they're all fun and worth the time of trying them out!


Not entirely. I've met some of the most beautiful people at Truman, inside and out, male AND female. There is no foundation for this stereotype, and it has become more of a joke to us females on campus. Secondly, TSU kids DEFINITELY know how to have fun. I constantly am having to remind myself that I need to focus on school too, not just on having the time of my life. Even in the library we have a good time. Can't beat that! And lastly, while TSU kids are among the smartest kids I know, they are most definitely neither boring nor dull. At TSU I have met the most amazing people, all with their own quirks and different personalities. They are not only among my brighest friends, but also among my most fun-loving counterparts.


nope. Truman students are busy. They like to have a million things going on even though it makes them freak out sometimes. They do it because they can and they do it well.


I would, more than yes. Yes, we have a high percentage of the typical brainiac, but the people I know who carry this stereotype are not perceived by others as having any social handicaps (which sadly happens to be the stereotypes associated with "smart people"). Actually, those people are usually the ones we find to be the most enjoyable to associate with, whether it be in a classroom, dorm, or social (and by social I mean party...yes, we do party) setting.


no way, I am more of an average student with a lot of extra organizations and an okay test taker. plus, I have already changed my major.


No way! There is plenty to do in Kirksville, it just doesn't involve going to the mall. Yeah, there are nerds, but there are also jocks, popular people, and plenty of normal people!


For the most part. :) The students at Truman are there to learn and are very involved and interactive in the classroom.


Not entirely, Truman is challenging, but you don't have to be a genius to make it. On the good side of it being so hard, it prepares you very well for future challenges.


Yes! to the first one. It is hard and you will work hard, but it is very rewarding. You will learn a lot and gain much in the process. There is so much to do at Truman and in Kirksville. Join an organization and do the things that are available to you on campus!


For the most part, yes.


pretty close, i think there are many students who are socially inept. i think the administration is making great efforts to improve the sports at truman though.






And its true. The teachers expect a lot from you, and classmates always surprise me. Even the biggest jock or ditz is actually smart. You can't stereotype somebody by their looks.


see above


ummm.... i would say there is some definite competition here


yes gennerally they are. People who don't fit this category are looked down upon for their hedonistic activites


Partially. There are a handful of students who are completely against drinking and there are some students who drink daily...but then they don't come back next semester. Kirksville can be boring and the parties are fun, but that is not the only thing to do.


The stereotype that Truman is extremely academic is true, but it's certainly inaccurate to say that both Truman and Kirksville are boring places to be. If students would just look at the campus calendars and community calendars, they would find out about the art opportunities that happen nearly every night, the inexpensive entertainment at Thousand Hills State Park, less than 15 minutes from campus and the nightly on-campus activities funded by student organizations. Downtown Kirksville also has good entertainment options. There are several music venues (Right Right Records, the Dukum Upp) that offer musical performances, and everyone, including those under 21, are allowed to attend for a small admission fee (usually no higher than $5). Kirksville has benefits because it is small. For example, there is less worry about "bad neighborhoods" and criminal activity. Also, there are less opportunities to overspend money. I've found that I've saved more money while attending school in Kirksville than I have in any other city I've lived in.


Truman is a good school but I wouldn't say that it is Ivy League quality. Truman really is affordable, even for out of state students like me. Truman professors do require a lot from their students but it far from "All work and no play"


The geographic stereotypes are true, as the majority of students are from St. Louis or Kansas City. However, many people are very open minded and have a diverse array of world experiences.


Truman - for the most part Truman Students - not at all (well...there are some with sociopath qualities) :)


-Um... people are smart, but laziness and integrity are still issues. -A lot of people are from St. Louis, but there are many other areas represented from several other cities, states and countries. -Once you turn 21, a lot more off campus possibilities open up, but there are plenty of on-campus events to keep a student busy and involved. -Yes Truman is hard. A lot of students end up losing their scholarships before they graduate due to their grades.


I would say that there are a cute people on campus but as a whole I think others schools do have more attractive people. One third of truman students drink regularly. If you want to you can always find a party. As for the school being boring, you just have to know how to find fun. You could go greek, join a club or play a sport or just hang out with people. There are always events going on on campus like comedians or bands. There are a ton of bars in town that have something going on. If you are in a fraternity or sorrority or even if you aren't there are always parties on wednesday, friday and saturday nights thrown by the frats. Campus may be small but it is really nice to to hang out on the quad. And then there's the town square which includes a movie theater. And don't forget the infamous Walmart!


for some, but the campus is highly diverse.


the stereotype that Truman students have about other Truman students is true. I know that everyone at this school is incredibly smart and can handle many difficult tasks. But the one that other students hav about us is definitely not true.


The one about girls is, yes.


They are fairly accurate on both accounts.


This is true. Truman students spend so much time of their day in the library or working at home on homework or other projects. Compared to my friends, I know that classes are much more intensive and require more work. But I would not have it any other way. I am well-prepared


some of them. it is a small town so no malls and all that. but there is still plenty to do. the people at truman find a good balance between studying and having a social life.. get involved! it is harder than some other schools but its totally worth it!


Not at all. While its true Truman is in a small town, there is a lot of stuff to do. You just have to find it. Things do not just happen all the time, you have to be involved. Once you've joined into a group, you find that there is not enough time for all of the stuff out there. And while it is a tough school, people are not studying all of the time. Its a big part, I mean come on, it is still a school, but there is a lot more to the Truman experience.






To some extent. I know a ton of kids that study all the time and some who party all the time, both will get degrees. About the smart thing: some students are really smart in the book worm sense, but many kids at Truman have little to no common sense.


We do study, but there is no shortage of parties


To a certain degree the people you meet in class can be. Outside of class people seem nicer and more relaxed.