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Is the stereotype of students at Truman State University accurate?


In a way, maybe, nearly... not quite; not to that extent.


There are some students who really take their studies as seriously as you would expect them to, however, there are the vast majority of students who appear to be just as apathetic, moronic, and inebrieated as those at other colleges that I have had the misfortune of visiting.


Yes, you have to have good grades and good test scores to get in, but it's a very simple process to become one of us! And we most ceratinly have time to do fun stuff. we have so many clubs and organizations that it can be hard to choose, but they're all fun and worth the time of trying them out!


Not entirely. I've met some of the most beautiful people at Truman, inside and out, male AND female. There is no foundation for this stereotype, and it has become more of a joke to us females on campus. Secondly, TSU kids DEFINITELY know how to have fun. I constantly am having to remind myself that I need to focus on school too, not just on having the time of my life. Even in the library we have a good time. Can't beat that! And lastly, while TSU kids are among the smartest kids I know, they are most definitely neither boring nor dull. At TSU I have met the most amazing people, all with their own quirks and different personalities. They are not only among my brighest friends, but also among my most fun-loving counterparts.


nope. Truman students are busy. They like to have a million things going on even though it makes them freak out sometimes. They do it because they can and they do it well.


I would, more than yes. Yes, we have a high percentage of the typical brainiac, but the people I know who carry this stereotype are not perceived by others as having any social handicaps (which sadly happens to be the stereotypes associated with "smart people"). Actually, those people are usually the ones we find to be the most enjoyable to associate with, whether it be in a classroom, dorm, or social (and by social I mean party...yes, we do party) setting.


no way, I am more of an average student with a lot of extra organizations and an okay test taker. plus, I have already changed my major.


No way! There is plenty to do in Kirksville, it just doesn't involve going to the mall. Yeah, there are nerds, but there are also jocks, popular people, and plenty of normal people!


For the most part. :) The students at Truman are there to learn and are very involved and interactive in the classroom.


Not entirely, Truman is challenging, but you don't have to be a genius to make it. On the good side of it being so hard, it prepares you very well for future challenges.