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Again... the full course.. I am a major in BME


definitely the music and art


I think my school is unique because it is in Louisiana, but less than half the school is from Louisiana. It is cool to constantly be meeting people from across the country with very different political and religious beliefs.


Tulane is located in one of the most unique, amazing cities in the US. There is no other culture that can compare with that.


I know it sounds bad, but honestly would not recommend applicants to come here unless they knew what they were getting into. Maybe a little further down the road, but for now, there are better options out there. I'm a transfer and I've studied abroad for the full year, so I have two universities to compare it with, and both administratively and academically, Tulane is way behind. This university's reputation is far better than the actuality. If I could have I would've transferred again. I think retention rates will probably show it down the road. One note: definitely don't transfer here. We get lots of transfers and the school really forgets about them and makes their lives really difficult.


Honestly would not recommend applicants to come here unless they knew what they were getting into. Maybe a little further down the road, but for now, there are better options out there. I'm a transfer and I've studied abroad for the full year, so I have to universities to compare it to, and both administratively and academically, this university's reputation is far better than the actuality. If I could have I would've transferred again. I think retention rates will probably show it down the road. One note: definitely don't transfer here. We get lots of transfers and the school really forgets about them and makes their lives really difficult.


Honestly would not recommend applicants to come here unless they knew what they were getting into. Maybe a little further down the road, but for now, there are better options out there. I'm a transfer and I've studied abroad for the full year, so I have to universities to compare it to, and both administratively and academically, this university's reputation is far better than the actuality. If I could have I would've transferred again. I think retention rates will probably show it down the road. One note: definitely don't transfer here. We get lots of transfers and the school really forgets about them and makes their lives really difficult.


I really like the party culture at this school. The weather is pretty good when it isn't raining, and the classes are usually fine, but that's all to be expected. I presume it's mostly students reading this and you get plenty of that nonsense from the tour (I'm bitter. I lost out on being a tour guide due to my inability to walk backwards in sandals). There are two major party streets at Tulane. Broadway, and Maple. Broadway is the frat-row if you will, and as a Freshman you will likely spend much time there because hey, free booze! About four blocks down Broadway one will reach Maple. Maple holds about seven bars, four of which you will ever step foot in. These bars all are very college with loud, bad music, and cheap yet poorly made drinks. If you crave the college experience, it's hard to beat finding yourself in a trashy dive- bar at 2 AM singing along to Journey with your best friends. There's also the Boot...I'll let you figure that one out. The reason the party scene is so nice is that it's close, yet isolated. I constantly hear complaints from friends at other schools that on Friday Nights it can be impossible to study with all the music and partying going on around them. That doesn't happen at Tulane. Because the bars and parties are always so close, there's no need or want to have parties in the dorms. Sure, as a freshmen you will still have the occasional ****-show in the dorms, but rarely enough that it still stays fun. When you really need to study however, there are plenty of quiet safe havens where there will be no temptation to break focus. See, what I did there? I just justified the party scene in New Orleans. --- On the complaint scale there are a few. First, no one cares about anything here. A couple years ago a highly controversial speaker came to visit. He was a former leader of Isreal, and as a result a small Palestinian group took up protest outside the speaking hall. Here's the thing, it's not that people were surprised that they were protesting him, we were surprised that there were protesters at all. Coming from Berkley California, this change in opinion absolutely shocked me. If protest rallies, and Occupy movements sound fun to you, this probably isn't your school. Next, the sports are pretty bad. I write for the sports section of the Tulane newspaper, "The Hullabaloo" and it can be a bummer writing about our seventh football loss in a row. The football team is bad, and even worse, they play in the Super dome downtown. Sometimes under a thousand people show up to "fill" a 80,000 seat building. Even worse is when good schools come to crush us, their away fans show up in droves to party in New Orleans and out-fan us by 3 to 1 or worse. To be fair, the men's baseball team is competitive, and some of our women's programs like tennis, golf, and running are very competitive. Even as a bad D1 program, we are still D1. Lastly, the food situation is pretty bad. There's a dining hall called Bruff that you will come to know quite well. There's also a food court which has the basics - Panda, Quiznos, Bagels, ECT... That's a lot better but as a freshmen you will only be given 250 bucks for that food which runs out quick. I'll put it this way, as a Junior I changed my food package to have 750 food-court bucks...I'm out.


Tulane is TOTALLY the right fit for some people (see student body) That said, like any school, it's not for everyone and finding your niche can be hard if you want to find really down-to-earth fun people. If you like to party and want a school with a good name, beautiful campus, and awesome location then you should probably check Tulane out.


The city of new orleans has a wonderful culture full of wonder and great people. The school itself has major roots in the community and often participates in fundraisers or community service programs. It's a wonderful place full of rich history and has a deep and meaningful story behind its legacy.


Following the devastation of hurricane Katrina, Tulane University overhauled and refurbished its main priorities, transforming it into a university focused on producing well-educated individuals not only exposed to information and vigorous courses, but also the community and those in need. Tulane forces its students out into the community and inspires every individual to give back through the service learning requirements established by the university, producing involved, driven individuals with compassion for others and the desire to go beyond the expected to achieve their goal(s).


What's unique about this school is the location. New Orleans is considered by most as the most unique city in America, and in my opinion, it is. There are plenty of things to do off campus. All kinds of music artists play down here, from rock, hip-hop, techno, and even reggae, so it is plenty of fun to see some shows. There is also a lot of history in New Orleans, and it's fun to walk around and explore.


Tulane's most unique characteristic is its location: New Orleans. Tulane and New Orleans are now and have always been impossibly intertwined. The spirit of the city is embodied by the students, faculty, events, and mission of this university. The biggest draw is that Tulane is a main contributor to the renaissance of one of the world's greatest cities. TU is majorly involved in every step of the rebuilding process. No other university could offer me such a rewarding undergraduate experience, both inside the classroom and out.


Tulane is unique because the students care about one another, and they all come from such different environments. The college does not center around the greeks, which is really amazing considering the fact that independents can feel just as spirited as the frats. Tulane is so diverse and such an amazing experience!


Location! New Orleans is beautiful and a ton of fun


Tulane focuses on service in the community while still remaining amazing academically. I love that I can mesh those together because I enjoy them both.


It is located in a very historic area.


I love this school. I had the opportunity to go elsewhere, but I'm glad I didn't fall into the trap that is college rankings. This is a school having a renaissance. If you are interested in public service of any sort, this is the place to be. The academics are stellar - every bit the equivalent of the notorious Ivy league - don't listen to anyone who says otherwise. This is a truly unique school, just off the beaten path. Maybe it took Katrina to awaken it, but a consciousness exists at Tulane along with the opportunities to apply it, that will allow its students to become movers, shakers, and heart-felt contributers to monumental causes. I love this school.


It is a unique place with great traditions and all of the food, music and culture of New Orleans. It is also a very academic school with high standards.


Its in New Orleans. I think thats enough said. i think NOLA is just so magical and anyone that has time to spend here is beyond lucky. I feel the same way about Tulane, so the combination of the two is unbelieveable.


It's in the city with the highest crime rate of 2008.


The city of New Orleans is very culturally diverse. There is everything you could ever want: a great nightlife, music, art, literature, film. While that is available everywhere, New Orleans has its own unique flavors of each, Bourbon St and Magazine St, zydeco and jazz, and the New Orleans Film Festival. The food is great if you love seafood and the weather is almost always 70+ and sunny.


It is a very close-knit community and it is the perfect size. You always see someone that you know and it makes it so much like a home. It is close enough to a huge city but far enough that you do not always go there. There are people from all different states and countries and everyone is always open to meeting new people and experiencing new things.


It's located in the heard of new orleans, and offers tons of great classes. It's a beautiful campus and one of the southern ivies.


The school is in the heart of the New Orleans garden district. Because of it's location, it provides excellent opportunities for students to do things from drinking in the french quarter, to checking out museums and music venues as well.


The city of new orleans is a completely unique environment to go to college in. They offer a lot of scholarships, the campus is beautiful, and at around 7,000 students, its the perfect size.


The most unique thing about my school is the city of which it is in with the architecture and historical buildings and all the exploiding culture available on campus, seen in the faculty and students.


Tulane is unique because it is in the city of New Orleans. Alone, the school is great. There are plenty of opportunities for students to get involved in activities on and off campus. However, because Tulane is located in New Orleans, there is an even greater number of unique opportunities for students to interact. Traveling down to the French Quarter, students come into contact with people from all over the country/world. The unique quality of people and activities in New Orleans, along with the outstanding academics of Tulane make the university a wonderful school to attend.


Tulane University provides a home that is easy to enjoy by its students. The vast majority of students greatly enjoy life at Tulane and are proud to call it, as well as New Orleans, home. The array of options in education, social life, and community service are very tough to beat and I am extremely happy I chose to attend Tulane University.


I will say this. I feel like everyone enjoys their college except me. If I could go back and make my decision, Tulane would not be the choice. I'm really bothered by the fact that the school is poorly run and that the students are so one dimensional. I wish that this school had more people who don't only want to drink. They say that the college experience is what you make of it, but in this case, I think Tulane is different. I'm not a drinker. If I don't drink, there's nothing to do. At 2 in the morning, I'm either out with friends who are drinking, or I'm just sitting in my room on the computer. It's gotten to the point where there's just nothing at school that excites me anymore.


Take advantage of the New Orleans culture. There are plenty of really good restaurants, clubs, and shops in the area, only a trolly ride away. Mardi Gras really is one giant party, but it's not all about coeds bearing breasts and drinking until you blackout. Mardi Gras is a family activity for the residents of New Orleans and is definitely one of the reasons students choose Tulane. One of the things that bothers me is the student body's lack of courtesy. I find that the students I meet from the Northeast feel the need to make fun of my mild southern accent and will actually close the door on your if you have a pile of books in your arms. While the students are diverse, it seems that some students do not respect the backgrounds of others and seem to expect all southern people to walk around with no shoes on and talk like the Beverly Hillbillies. All-in-all, Tulane is an excellent academic institute that has some bugs to work out. Most students are attracted by the campus and either fall in love with it at first sight or hate it from the first day of school until they leave, there is very little in between.


Tulane is known as the Stanford of the South. We earned that reputation. As graduates our popualtion will have more to offer than cirrhosis of the liver.


Tulane is a great school, but only IF YOU'RE INVOLVED!!!


some kids fail out because they can't handle the school work. they think all their peers partying till 5 am and blowing coke all night are skipping classes and getting D's just like they are. but really, a lot of kids manage to party hard all the time and get A's not just because theyre smarter but because they understand how to manage their time. if you can't distinguish between school and play, or think you're going to get really into (aka addicted) to drugs/coke/something more extreme, then maybe you should not come here.


Come to Tulane :)


Tulane does what Tulane wants to do!!! With next to NO willingness to inform others about it. For most of my time there I can say that I am GLAD I do not have to deal with such high levels of FOOLISHNESS from such a Large group of people now..


You would be an idiot not to want to go to school where it is 70 degrees and sunny most of the year and you can experience the culture of New Orleans.


i just loved my experience at tulane. talking to my friends at other colleges, i'm not sure if many of them feel as passionate about their school as i do for tulane. not much else ot say except if you go there you will not regret it, i promise!!


If I could tell a prospective student to bring two things with them to Tulane, I would say to bring rainboots and sunscreen. When it rains in New Orleans, the streets often flood. Rainboots were the most useful pair of shoes I owned. When its sunny in New Orleans, the sun is strong so sunscreen is important. The social pool is the best thing ever in 90 degree weather so bring a bathing suit and sunscreen!


All said and done, the school is still fantastic. This is coming from a non-drinker, who isn't at Tulane for Pre-Med or Business (it's specialties) and who was suckered in on promises about community engagement that may have been unfounded (or not yet realized).


Look, there will be things that disappoint you about Tulane. You might wonder if you made the right decision, but this will happen wherever you go. If you want a relatively small school in a culturally significant city, if you want a diverse academic experience and a fulfilling social experience as well, Tulane is a good choice (especially if you have one of their nice scholarships). I am not in line with the majority of people here as far as my ideology of what a college student should be doing, but I have lots of friends who more or less agree with me (more friends than I have had anywhere else in my life), and I have overall thoroughly enjoyed my experiences here.


New Orleans is heaven for people who love live music. All types of music, from local to international! Notable campus events: Crawfest - a huge music festival in the spring where everybody hangs outside on the main quad and eat's boiled crawfish, a common meal in New Orleans. Local, University, and a few National bands play all day for the whole campus to hear. "Special Film" - A porn movie plays in the main auditorium every spring. Many great speakers - This year included Barack O'bama, Salman Rushdie, Bill Clinton, Anne Coulter, and many many more.


The dining services at Tulane are terrible!!!! The food is a ripoff and the school has a deal with one company that makes very bad food and charges very high prices. Good food is hard to come by unless one travels off-campus


I have not had a good experience at Tulane. I do not feel integrated into the culture and I don't like the (general) vibe and character of the Tulane student. For academics, I recommend Tulane. For life, I do not.


Tulane is great - I love it. It has it's issues, it has it's strengths. There are lots of fun things to do, and there is a ton of not-so-fun work. Sometimes I wonder if I'd be happier at a different school - maybe a colder one, or a cheaper one, or an easier one. But I don't think I'd change this experience for anything. I learn so much here, not just about the subjects I'm studying. There is always something new going on, I am never bored. I don't have many friends who live in cities or on campuses like New Orleans and Tulane. There really is no experience quite as unique. I can't lie, there are times when I hate this school. The internet doesn't work, and I NEED IT AT THAT MOMENT. Or I run across campus to find out that class was cancelled and the professor just didn't think to email the class. Or I have 3 papers and 2 presentations due - all on the same day. But that is what college is about - learning how to deal with that kind of stuff. And there is no better place to do that than Tulane.


Tulane is the best school. It has everything! You will never be bored, you will get a great education, you will discover yourself in this great city of New Orleans, and when its time to graduate, you know you will never forget your four years here.


I recommend this school, though I'd advise that you check thoroughly to make sure that they can offer the courses and degree that you want, since after the Katrina cuts they haven't been as versatile.


I was nervous about Tulane when I came. I don't know how to eloquently put this, so I'll say it frankly: Don't be. Tulane is amazing, and if you feel like its right for you, don't pass it up. I don't want to be at any other college in the world!


A lot of my responses to this survey seem negative, and I do this in the effort to be honest about the severe problems, social, administrative and academic at this school. That said, I have had a wonderful time here, and have gotten a great education. Tulane is essentially the Jungle. If you come here, you will have no support, no safety net, and this place can tear you to pieces if you're not careful. However, if you keep you're head on straight, you will find friends and be closer to them because of the challenges you face. If you dig for it, you can get a great education too. Personal responsibility is the key at Tulane, far more so than at other schools I've heard about. Survival of the Fittest. Good Luck.


Katrina DID NOT destroy our school or its surrounding areas the campus looks just as good or better as before the storm. Although it did terrible damage to some parts of the city, these are areas students rarely go to before or after the storm. There are many opportunities to help rebuild the damaged areas and there are several volunteer organizations to do this as well as a unique service learning requirement. Just wanted to clarify that...