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Tulane University of Louisiana

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What are some hot-button issues on campus?

The people who work at Bruff went on strike a couple years ago...I don't think they won. Um... ....*thinking* ....*thinking* ...*thinking* There's a new football stadium going up! That's pretty cool!...Ya, like I've said, Tulane isn't a very active place. People will complain here and there but noting ever happens. Some people like that, if you don't keep looking.

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A big issue on campus involves the workers. Most of the Tulane food employees are hired by a company called Sodexo. Sodexo doesn't pay the workers a lot, and they have a bad history poor work conditions. Students are trying to change that though, and get better working conditions and wages for the workers.

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Students talk about the effects of Hurricane Katrina and the relief efforts.

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