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What are the most popular classes offered?

Pre-Med is huge here, as least at first. It seems like everyone has grand dreams of being a sexy overseas doctor when they come in, only to get their first c- ever and give it up (including me!). Besides that, there's a real large selection of majors. My friend and I are English, my other friend is Phych, I know people in the B-School, and a teacher, and Poli-sci. Again, as far as learning goes this school is as good as you'll find. It's New Orleans and the student atmosphere that will affect how much you like it here.

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The requirements are the most popular, such as lab science, writing, language, social science (anthropology, sociology...), fine arts, math (calc, stats, psych)... I have been trying to get in the lab science "Earth as a Living Planet" for 3 semesters and still haven't gotten a seat. There are those certain teachers that are always so popular, their classes always have a waitlist of +75 students. My recommendation is to check on before creating your schedule. It is a life savor, trust me.

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I don't think any class is particularly "popular," but some classes do fill faster than others. Classes that are in lecture halls tend to fill pretty quick, which sucks if you have a bad registration time. Those classes are like chemistry and Diversity of Life, which is an EBio course. Different classes are popular with different majors, it's just up to you to decide what you want to take. Also, if a "popular" class for your major is full, get on the wait list. You never know how many people will drop.

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