Tulane University of Louisiana Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Tulane is becoming more diverse, but it could still be improved. The student body is overwhelmingly white.


The WiFi connection is very inconsistent.


I would say that the worst part is the fact that the majority of this school comes from the same social and economic status and if you do not come from that status, it can get hard at times because you cannot truly relate with the problems issues that the rest of the kids see are "problems and issues".


Sometimes the Freshman dorm can be a little rowdy, and it does rain alot here and the campus can get soggy. When I am in my dorm, I like quiet sometimes, but it is not so bad, I can always go to the library. It really has been a great Freshman experience overall.


The worst things about the school are the football team, the eating selection, housing, and financial aid. The football team is just plain awful. The eating is very limited and the cafeteria is hell, horrible workers. Housing is not run properly and the housing choices are not good at all, I believe because of the workers that are hired to do the job. Financial aid does not care as much as they should about the students that come in seeking their help. It is frustrating to come in stressed out about money and not get help.


Older Dorm Buildongs.


Most staff member at the school are quite helpful, but students may encounter unecessary bureaucratic manuvers they may have to deal with in housing and dining - do not expect a high standard of service in these areas. Students should have their parents do the liasoning work should they encounter any problems with these departments. Also, as a private institution, students' constitutional rights that they may enjoy in the public sphere may be curbed by the internal judicial and conduct system.


Tulane is not career minded enough. There aren't enough services that help students with job placement. When I left school I had no idea as to what my next step would be. More companies need to visit the campus, more job fairs and other such services need to be instated for graduating students who are not enrolled in the business school - they are the only students who really receive these services.


Many students here are very concerned with appearance, alcohol, and drugs and can seem superficial. Many students come from affluent families and there could be more diversity in terms of background, race, and point of view.


All the facilities workers are lazy.


The administration seems to think that helping students can be done without directly getting input from students.


The frequency of hurricanes.


The social life at Tulane is primariy focused on alcohol, and those who don't drink can sometimes feel ostracized. The housing and student programs departments are the most useless organizations imaginable, and the administration in general is rather removed from the student body.


The worst thing about Tulane is its placement within a city that is vulnerable to frequent natural disasters of hurricanes. It seems every other summer/early fall, New Orleans is placed in the cone of error for a potentially devastating storm, putting Tulane at risk, as well.


There is not a lot of focus on the environment and although they are working on it, it is still something to be worked on.