Tulane University of Louisiana Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before coming to Tulane, I wish I had known that I was ready. Although life is fast, work is hard, balancing two jobs is even harder, and missing home is a pain, I was ready to take on the responsibility of caring for myself in that world. There would be days when I questioned whether I could make it, where it was hard to get out of bed, and it seemed easier to quit. I wish I had known that I would get past it all, then I would have had a little more faith in myself starting off.


I wish I had known that the school is predominantly Jewish so even though many people come from different states, it is not as ethnically different as one might assume.


Although I was aware of the unique culture of New Orleans and the catastrophic impact of Katrina, I was barely prepared for the culture shock upon my arrival and the astonishing amount of dismantled and ravaged communities that remain years post-Katrina. New Orleaneans have a greater sense of community and culture than any population I?ve encountered, preserving their unique culture, cuisine, and music that is nonexistent in any other place. The devastation from Katrina is nauseating as homes remain fractured with a lack of aid. These unexpected factors, both positive and negative greatly impacted me for the better.


I wish I had known how to better manage my time. in high school I learned all sorts of college prep tips, including time management. It didnt really hit me until after recieving my first semester 1.62 GPA, that time management is the best skill that will get me through college and beyond.


The name of the Saint's quaterback


I wish I had known how cold 60 degrees could feel. Being from the Chicago area I'm used to the freezing cold of winter. I left almost all my warm clothes at home thinking I wouldn't need them at all. But then I adapted to the climate, and so up until I went home for Thanksgiving I was walking around shivering, even though on the standards of back home it was barely cold at all.




Get ready to juggle a lot socially. Anticipate and plan ahead when it comes to balancing school work and social life.


That the Dean's Honor Scholarship was accessible.


I wish I had known how incredible this school is. I would have made it my number one choice in a heartbeat.


I wish I had known about the overall lack of transportation around the city. I knew there was a streetcar, but I quickly learned that it was unreliable and didn't anywhere near a grocery store or drug store. Luckily, I have a car down here so it is not a problem now, but I wish I had known that fact before my freshman year.


The # of snobby Northeastern people that go there


I wish I had known about the lack of diversity and the fact that there aren't as many kids who are down to earth or into art or just talking or reflecting.


To join a fraternity


How frequent hurricanes are


A better understanding in mathematics.


The necessity of a fake id.