Tulane University of Louisiana Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I chose Tulane because it offered the full degree in Biomedical Engineering


the city and culture around me


Tulane has a very fun atmosphere. There is always something exciting happening for students to participate in.


I think the feel, as weird as that sounds, is what's unique about Tulane. We are an old school, founded in 1834, and have a mixture of old and new architecture. I've also heard that we are a Northern school placed in the South (33% of students are from the Northeast), and that we are the Harvard of the South. We also have the largest free-standing dome in the Northern Hemisphere, McAlister Auditorium! We also play football in the Dome. Who else can say they do that on a regular basis?


Tulane has these ancient gorgeous live oaks all over campus, as well as modern art installations. There are always events going on in the quads too - live music, free snowballs and icecream. The live music is my favorite - you never know when you'll turn around a corner and a band will be playing. I also love that because the weather is so warm the quads double as an awesome place to tan (and you can tan up untill...december? yeah, your friends at home will be jealous). Another thing I like about campus is that its so bike friendly. And right across from a beautiful park! I'm pretty sure no other college campuses have the streetcar running right by either (except for Loyola, since it's right next door to Tulane!)


Tough to replicate the compact, but green feel of uptown New Orleans. Being across from Audubon is also a plus.


New Orleans is pretty awesome. Basically imagine Disney Land if the goal of the park instead of entertaining children was getting 20-something mad hammered. Welcome to the big easy. Tulane exists in a land-locked grid of about a square mile surrounded by a some-what affluent up-town community, and then surrounded by the biggest party city in the nation. On any night - given you're willing to throw down around a hundred bucks and are morally ambiguous - you can seemingly do anything. Get trashed on daqueri, play checkers with a homeless man, go to an all male strip club are all wild adventures Tulane and its city have provided me. This is seriously a crazy city and three years later, I haven't even scraped the service of what this place has to provide.


The best, and most unique, thing about Tulane's campus is the fact it's in New Orleans. Because it's Uptown, the campus itself is surrounded by a pretty quiet neighborhood but just $1.25 and a 15-20 min streetcar ride and you're right downtown, able to experience all that New Orleans has to offer.


The small size keeps classes personal and professors accessible.


New Orleans is the best possible environment for me to attend college, tons of learning opportunities, the spirit that comes from being in the city that is emphasized by TUlane is great


As undergraduate students at Tulane University we are encouraged to and given the the freedom to study under multiple subject areas, which results in a high rate of double and triple majors on campus.


The location is perfect. Even New Orleans is know for its crime, Tulane protects its students. Also love the culture; it really is not like any other university because of its location. It's in a great part of the city, Uptown, but only a streetcar ride to the Arts District or the French Quarter. Th e academics are also fantastic. I know that the quality of my education here means a lot, especially after I graduate.


Students are non-threatening. I come from a violent high-school and transferred from a violent community college, so it is a relief not to have my guard up on campus.


The best thing about my school are the amazing friends I've made since coming here. This school has drawn so many amazing people from all over the country to attend that it has to be pretty remarkable, don't you think?


The best thing about Tulane is that the school is in New Orleans. The city has a unique culture that offers a better education than a classroom can.


The culture of New Orleans.


The beat thing about Tulane University is that it has a great reupation for being an excellent school that is willing to stand behind there students and it is also a safe place that definitly feels like home.


The size. Big enough to always be meeting new people but small enough to feel comfortable. Also, the location. You can't beat New Orleans as an interesting, cultured place to receive an education that transcends the books. There is always something to do, someone to talk to, music to hear, etc.


Tulane does a wonderful job at incorporating Louisiana and New Orleans culture into the school. The professors are attentive, knowledgeable, and very eager to help their students in any way. Campus programming offers a lot of fun things to do on-campus. Housing and residence life makes a real effort to plan events for the students who live on campus.


The best thing about Tulane is its location in New Orleans. New Orleans provides a cultural and musical experience unlike any other city.


Great School! Wouldn't go anywhere else.


Tulane University is just the right size. It's got about 6k-7k full time students. Basically, there are enough people that you'll always find familiar faces, but by the same token you can always meet new people. I think the size of the school contributes tremendously to the social chemistry of the school. People here are friendly and get along because it's rare that you meet someone who you weren't already connected to. Most new people you'll meet probably share some of your friends and acquaintances so you get common ground with people.


Location. Definatly. We are close to the Gulf shores, it never gets too cold, and I mean, really... who wouldn't want to go to school in New Orleans? It is the PERFECT college town!