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You either love or hate the school and majority of the students love it. They're extremely school-spirited. The alumni association is extremely loyal to the school.


It provide student with a unique experience of its own. What I mean by that is that it make students become independent and use the resources given to them in order to succed. So when graduation day comes, it makes students more appreciative and humble knowing the body of work produced from the years at Tuskegee University.


The historical significnce of Tuskegee makes it unique. The university has been deemed a historic land mark becuase of this the buildings using orignal designs and bricks. Students can see the history and their ancestry in the buildings as they walk to class, or simply relax around campus. The university acts as a becon and a constant reminder that we as African American have struggled throughout the years, and as a reslt, must work for everything we have, and because of this, it makes the students work harder.


Tuskegee University stands out to me the most because it's a Historically Black College/University (HBCU). I am culturally aware of my background and since Tuskegee University is a historic campus site, I learn something new about my campus just about everyday. Many successors attended TU and were very successful in life and are looked upon until this day. Tuskegee also consists of many students who has strong school pride which makes our school strong as a whole. Even though Tuskegee is looked upon as a very expensive school, the cost of education is priceless.


The history of the campus is very unique. The school was ran by Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver taught here. These of two of some of the most recognized names in black history. No other campus can really claim to come from such a heritage as that.


I believe the most unique thing about Tuskegee would be how much history the University itself has to offer to african american, and it is where George Washington Carver researched peanuts to create peanut butte and many other inventions that peanuts contributed too.


Tuskegee Airmen


That they show school spirit, we are a very prestigious black university. They produce great engineers, architects and entrepeneurs.


The most unique part about Tuskegee is the feeling of family. Everyone is friendly and the environment reminds you of being at home.


The most unique thing about my school is that not only is it strong in acadimics but the its not alot of things that goes on here so you would have nothing else to do but do you work. So basically its a real good learning environment.


This school shows and teaches you how to operate on a job and participate in life and lifes problems. How to handle those problems and create solutions to those problems. This school really shows how to get stuff or things done for yourself and done on your own. It shows you how not to be a baby.


Tuskegee University is a great school. It offers students many opportunities to achieve success in the classroom, on the courts or the field. Its academically centered as well as athletically. It offers a variety of clubs and organazations to suit each of its students. Come check it outit just might be the school for you.


Our school spirit is outstanding. I would say our students are extremely active with school activities, events, social gatherings, community service, and our extracurricular activities. Most schools on the west or east coast i have found aren't as involved. Tuskegee's sprirt would be on the lines of a D1 University. For the size of Tuskegee we exemplify great poise and curisma in all our actions. We bring light to our area, we bring light to the south. If someone said our school is lacking alot, then they must not understand the Tuskegee experience. Which is pride and determination.


Failure is not an option, striving to set high goals jsut as the Tuskegee Airmen did.


It is the only HBCU that has a Vet school on campus.


the sudents


Other than, Booker T. Washington founding the school and George Washington Carver- one of the greatest scientest of all - starting the science backgroung of Tuskegee University, our president- Dr. Bengimin Payton is a very conservative man with upstanding values.

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