Tuskegee University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school would probably be the fact that Tuskegee's employees make it hard for the students to get anything done. You have run all around the campus to different offices and back just to complete simple tasks.


There really is not anything to say bad about this school. Tuskegee offer a variety of majors that is suitable for anyone.


Tuskegee University is located in a very small town. Not much access to events outside of the campus unless you have transportation and even then you have to drive atleast 30-50 miles or more to participate in socio/cultural activities.


The worst thing at Tuskegee University is the residence halls. They are not in the best condition because Tuskegee believes in preserving the history of the dorms. They were built by the first students who attended Tuskegee. Today, most of them are falling apart, and they lack the standards that should be met for decent living conditions


The worst thing at my school is the living situation. Some of the dorms or apartments are quite old because Tuskegee is a national historic site. Therefore, there are maintenance problems along with availability and affordabilty.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the length of it, because I have to walk far away to get to class.


Some of the facilities and dorms on the campus are outdated. This is due to the school's foundation for tradition. Lots of the buildings are the original building that were built by students around the year of 1881 when the school was founded. These outdated have bad internet connection which is not good in current times were majority of communication is done using the internet. Also the equipment such as desks, need to be replaced. These renovations would give the school a better learning environment.


The worst thing about Tuskegee University is the area its located in, it doesn't allow me to maneuver around. Since Tuskegee is a private institute the tuition rises very often which makes it hard for students stay enrolled at Tuskegee University. With this being said this will leads to students transfering to another school. Transfering to another school can also lead to confusion because your not certain if all of your credits will transfer.


The word thing about my school is the condition of the dorms. I feel that out of all this money that us students are paying, Tuskegee should be able to renovate the dorm halls.


So far I would say the worst thing about my school is that it so far from home. I am originally from Massachusetts and living in Alabama is a drastic change for me. I mean Im not used to the country and down here it's the country. I never been so far from home or my family. I am used to family being around all the time. For me to be all alone is sometimes depressing. I guess this is just something I would have to deal with while I complete my studies.=(


I would say the worst thing about my school is the city. The city is small and there is very little to do in the city. The small city also is a benefit. I don't have the distraction of the big city to keep me from my studies.


The worst thing about my school is that it is located in a small, rural area. Its too many places to go when you want to hang out with friends, go out to eat or go shopping.


Probably the living conditions. The dorms are very old and delapidated. But the learning experience that you attain is beyond compare.


The worst thing in my school is the transportation. The transportacion is very important for all the students because students have needs and at least it is important to have good public transportation. In my case I am a new student and I dont have car and this complicates my situacion to move to one place to another.


That it is located directly in the middle of a rural town and it is necessary to have to drive twenty to thirty mins in either direction to any city/college type town.


Not professional when it come to reviewing the cost of the school. School gives wrong information, not organized at all. campus is a mess,


The worst thing about Tuskegee University is how bad the administration is and how poorly they treat the people that comes to them for help.


The worst thing about being a student at Tuskegee University, in my opinion is the cost of tutition, and how it is so hard to get help from the administration when it is time to make payments and get important mony back such as refund checks.


Adjusting is the worst part about college. Coming from strict parents to total independency may be hard for certain people.


There is not much to do here. I get bored very easily.


its location because there is nothing to do. The quality of the dorms that we have to live in because they need to be renovated.


The worst thing about my school is the comradery amongst the students. Some of the students are very cliquish and don't make the time to meet new people. They get so caught up in their appearance and ego that they forget about the reason they came to Tuskegee University in the first place: to learn. The same students always come out to events on campus; others feel that if sports or greeks aren't involved, then the event isn't worth supporting. There is little unity amongst this community and this must change.


The faculty and staff treat students as though we are all morons. All the time.


The total cost to attend school


the surrounding city because its dangerous

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