Tyler Junior College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Tyler Jr. College is a small college that helps prepare students explore the career that best matches their interests. Attending a Jr. College has helped me in getting the basic academic subjects behind me while being able to work at a part time job. The teachers are willing to work with the students and having a smaller class enables me to get to know them better. Tyler Jr. College is a progressive school that is providing instruction to prepare students for the world of work.


My school is a great mix of people from all different backgrounds and ethnicities. There are a lot of students from the local area, but there are also a lot of students from different parts for the country, as well as the world. I love my school because it offers online courses, which is convenient for me, since I'm a single mom who does not have access to transportation.


Tyler Junior College feels like a University.


TJC is an excellent community 2-year college for the high school student graduating to attend for transition into the collegiate world, as it provides a glimpse of all aspects of college life and enables students to transfer to 4-year universities with ease between semesters or after graduation.


Tyler Junior College is a great school to start out at and figure out what you want to do with your life.


My school is very changlleing and most things is doing it on your own whick makes you learn and understand the everything at the end of the year.


A great place to be with great opprotunites to advance in your college degree.