Tyler Junior College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I think Tyler college is best known for being a great starting school for kids that just graduatued high school. Also I think its good for adults that are going back to school. The classes are not that big so its not hard to ask questions and get help for the professors .


Tradition and great teachers! getting help from the teachers and staff is so easy and makes you really want to learn! They never leave you "in the dark". The tradition makes me more proud of the school because it makes me feel "at home" and comfortable with the other students and faculty.


Tyler Junior College is known for its athletic program. Many sports and clubs have placed high in regional and state competitions over the last several years. I also brag about the countless outlets of help and assistance offered. Everything from tutoring to free printing is extensively offered.


TJC is known for great academics that provide a high quality education, good sports programs, small classes, easily transferrable course credits, great student involvement and it provides an awesome environment for all students.