Tyler Junior College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the classroom settings. I understand its college but if you're a proffessor and you're trying to help teach PLEASE teach me in a correct manner than with a "I Don't Care" attitude. Some of the proffessors or rude which makes me uncomfortable in class because i am going to school to work on getting a degree not to be messing around.


The worst thing about the school is just that is that it is so huge, but it is not too bad.


The worst thing I would say is not having a real big push to be enviormentally freindly and more "green". Recycling is big in the offices on campus but the student body is really not involved and there are no major on campus things for the students.


There isn't really anything about my school that I don't enjoy.


I know that the worst thing about my school is that it still feels like high school. While it is difficult at times, as high school is, you don't feel like your going to a real college. Everything is still easy most of the time, as if every day were your first day of school, and your mom is walking with you to every class. In that, you never get the sense of liberation...or growing up.


The financial aid department should be expanded to alleviate some of the time-consuming tasks required of students for enrollment and/or registration. I have had to wait in line for a minimum of two hours to simply turn in some paperwork. Perhaps modifications to the order of lines, such as one line for simpler tasks and another for customer service of a more complex issue, could be made in order to better serve students during these processes. Furthermore, the hours of operation could be expanded for working students, so time off work does not have to be requested.


There are many things I love about Tyler Junior College, but I do not appreciate the smoking and drugs everywhere I look, or the crass words uttered by the faculty. I understand that they believe they have freedom to say and do the things they wish, but to me it is not respectful or professional.


Well, as I'm sure many would say, the homework. Its not that bad, but who wants homework after you've been at school ALL day?? not me..