Umpqua Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Umpqua Community College?


Many advisor don't seem to understand what they're advising about and don't give enought or give inaccurate information. Also, I've encountered secretaries in the "Welcome Center" that really weren't that welcoming.


I get mixed answers from different counselors about the classes I need to take for my degree. Also, for what classes would be helpful for when I transfer to get my bachelors degree.


The prices of lunch charged in the cafeteria are a little high, but I starting bringing a sandwich with me so that I could spend more time studying. This is a beautiful campus and I have seen wild turkeys, deer, and squirrels all the time especially in the spring. There is also a lot of grass and trees, and so the buildings are a short distance apart.


The most frustrating thing about UCC is how liberal it can be. While the faculty is very helpful and understanding, the administration is the complete opposite. Also, while the recent additions and improvements are nice, they are very inconvenient and irritating. The campus cafetaria was closed for three terms. Also, having so many new students, it is very difficult to find parking and to get into classes, since most of them fill up on the first day.