Union College-Schenectady Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Union is an amazing community of highly motivated students who are all working toward making a difference in the world.


The architecture of the school is very historic (being that the school is over 300 years old) so the school, does, at first glance appear gorgeous and old. The campus is very well maintained. If you have an 8AM, then you will see the campus services raking leaves and cleaning up the grounds every morning so that it can be just as gorgeous every day.


The faculty here are excellent.


When French architect Joseph Jacques Ramée designed the campus of Union College in the early 19th century, few would have imagined that his plan would be essentially unchanged some two centuries later. Union was the first American college with a unified campus plan, and served as a model for a number of other institutions. Thanks to Ramées enduring legacy, Union has one of the most inspiring and distinctive campuses in college America.


Unions 16-sided centerpiece grand, mysterious, memorable is an assemblage of eclectic architectural elements. But it is also a metaphor for our community: a joining of seemingly disparate styles that, once together, create something larger than ourselves. Enjoy this video about the history, restoration and mission of what many regard as the most distinctive building in college America.


Many call the campus a "bubble" because you can get everything you want on campus, whether you're a dedicated student or a dedicated partier, and being a small school, by the end of the four years you'll feel like you know almost everyone on campus and will find it hard to move on to the "real world" after graduation.


Union College has something for everyone, whether it be parties, sports, club activites of any sort, music, theatre, and thats just the beginning of what they have to offer.