Union College-Schenectady Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I would consider the Wnter time the worst thing about my school. I love it here by the winters are extremely cold. I am from Boston so I know winter weather, but it is almost always 10 degrees colder and so much more windier than Boston is. At times you feel almost like a slug becuase you;d rather stay in bed all day than face the harsh winter cold. It also snows almost evey other day, which can at times bring you down. Overall though I love my school, and the spring and fall time is GORFEOUS!!


Union can be very snobby sometimes. The majority of the students are from the Westchester area in NY. So, needless to say, there is a bit of a rich air to the campus. Many of the students are very cliquey. Oftentimes the minorities sit together. The sorority sisters sit together. The fraternities sit together. There are not that many people that really try to reach out to all groups of the student population.


The school is trying to get rid of Greek Life.


The location because Schenectady, NY is not the best area.


Union has a very rich student population. Almost everyone, if they aren't very well off, tries to put on a facade of having lots of money. If you let, it can get to you. I am on financial aid and work at school, and have grown comfortable with it, so nobody cares; but I think a lot of people are insecure about money here.


The ammount of people involved in sororities and fraternities, which is a lot. But some people might like that. AND, the apathy among students towards political/environmental/social issues.


lack of stuff off campus


The worst thing about my school is the amount o alcohol and drugs readily available at parties. What is worse, is that faculty and adminstrators don't care. As long are you are paying a lot to go here, you can have you paretns write to the president/dean/etc. and get away with almost anything. Also, its in Schenectady which is extremely sketchy.


The school has a fair amoutn of annoying people who drink too much and are overprivlieged.


Excellent school . But very expensive


Everyone is pretty similar, wealthy, white and from the northeast. The campus culture is a little too fratty for my taste, but I enjoy the party scene and ultimately do love the frat parties. Sometimes it can feel like people care more about fratlife than academics.


The lack of diversity of the students: not just racially, but also about style, interests, and personality.