Union College-Schenectady Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who is not narrow or close minded. He/she is willing to try new things, and is very active on campus. Any one who likes living life to the fullest. You have to remeber that social life is important but so is the acedemic life for why you are here. It not easy to get A's in this school, the trimester sytem can take a while to adapt to and during the 10 weeks, there is no time to fall back in your work so you have to stay on top of all the readings and lectures.


I attended this school as someone who went to private school all my life. It was not different for me to be amongst students who are very well to do. However, I'm not one of them. I never have been. My school experience has been funded by scholarships and many of the people at campus who were not financially stable definitely were more introverted. I would recommend this school to people who are looking to change a conservative status quo. This would make town gown relationships much better.


Female: daddy's girls very interested in wearing Ugg shoes and Coach handbags. Fakely liberal. Male: Drinking will be a large part of their college experience. Former atheletes that were almost good enough to play a sport at a large school, but not quite.


Someone who already knows what they are interested in (figuring out their major). Next, having great connections and networking with other students and faculty for internships and willing to dedicate a good portion of time to extra-curriculars here.


Someone who wants to change their college campus for the better. Union is a great school, but falls behind many New England schools in social and political activism.


Upper middle class preppy people will fit in at Union.


Someone who isn't looking for a huge school would enjoy the Union atmosphere, and all students applying should be aware that mostly everyone knows each other. The social scene on weekends is dependent upon greek life, but it is not necessary to belong to a fraternity or sorority. It is easy to meet people, and friendships here are long-lasting and genuine. Union College is definitely a place where social people thrive.


Someone who is driven and willing to make something of themsevles.