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Union University is a Christian school that holds high moral values. The students seem to be more focused, and they care more about their studies than their social lives. The grading scale is higher and requires more work from students than most schools I considered.


Union University is a private campus and is God centered. Everyone is friendly and the staff has been amazing to me. It is beautiful and is easy access to everything.


The Christian emersion that is prevalent throughout the school, courses, and activities.


Union University is unique in many ways, but there is one quality that tops all the others. Every professor at Union is a Christian. That is something you are not going find at most schools. Union University is Christ-centered and focused on giving every student a well rounded education. This is accomplished by having a Christian professor in every single classroom. This was not true for any other school I looked at and is what makes Union University so unique and amazing.


Union University is unique, because it is truly people-focused. When applying, the admissions officers know you by name. Unlike other schools, you are not a number. They will call or e-mail you just to check up on you and your application. When you visit, you have a personalized tour, and your admission officer takes time to pray with you. Once you are a student, the professors and staff know you by name as well. They care about you and your performance in their class, and they are always willing to help. Union University cares for its students.


Union University is different from most colleges because it a Christian University, but not only that Union actually lives up to that. I have heard of many Christian colleges that do NOT live up to that name.


The classes are small which give you a really great student-teacher ratio. The dorms are incredible; they are essentially appartments each with four seperate rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchenette, and a living room. The teachers here really care about their students and get to know them each by name. They are experts in their feild. The university strives to and succeedes at upholding their commitment to students and their missions statement as a university.


-tight-knit community that is very supportive -very academic -diverse


I chose Union U. for several important reasons. First, I saw that the student body was genuinely excited about their school and excited to build new relationships. Also, the students are encouraged by the faculty to actively enage the needs they see in the world. Furthermore, there is an emphasis on spiritual preparation and global mission work. I chose Union because it is a school that is passionate about people and academic excellence.


Union has a strong focus on the integration of faith and learning. Here, you recieve a great education within the subject of your major, but you also learn how to live as a follower of Christ in today's world. Union offers a place to shape your worldview and align it with biblical principles. It's an excellent place to learn and grow in every area of your life.


Good community


This school is christ centered, people focused, excellent drive and I believe that God has me here for a purpose so just pray and he will lead you to the right school.


The fact that we are part of the Southern Baptist Convention. I have always been a southern baptist and I really love going to a southern baptist school where I can share my religion with everyone else.


The entire environment of Union is what attracted me to Union. The caring faculty, the dorms, the small classes, and the overall school spirit.


I love Union University because I just feel so comfortable when I go there. Everyone is kind and loving and will do anything for you. They are a Christian based school so there is no drinking or partying on weekends. Union Is all around supportive no matter what it is. I really like that Union is smaller so there is more interaction between professors and students. If it was a huge school I would not enjoy it. Union might be expensive but it has been the best year and a half I have had my entire life.


A small campus which allows you to get to know more people.


This school makes an impact on the world. It is very volunteer and missionary-oriented, constantly helping in the community and sending students oversees to use their own money to help others. It is a very close community, and students here feel that they belong and truly love this school. It is so easy to be proud of Union University.


Warm, friendly, strong Biblical/conservative views


The professors are honest and care deeply about students, both current and prospective.


It's a Christian school, but yet it has a good balance of spiritual focus and academics focus.


The community of students and professors are very close. There are a variety of minitries to get involved in and make a difference in the community and on campus.

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