Union University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I suppose I would say that I do not enjoy having greek life on campus. Union has always had fraternities and sororities since its founding, so I can see why the tradition would continue, but I have not seen how these organizations have contributed to the life and focus of the University and it's students in the ways they have promoted. All this to say, I have never been a part of greek life and so my opinion is gathered from my experience and my understandings of friends who have participated in greek life.


The degree of conservatism. I feel like I missed out on some very normal college experiences because I went to a Christian college where drinking, even over 21, wasn't allowed and chapel was required. Often times professors would pointedly focus conversation on Christian aspects so there were few open-minded, liberal, rounded conversations. The professors who did invite open minded comments/arguments/discussions were the best, but they were few. Most of the time I felt caged, jaded, and suppressed in my college experience.


As far as the university itself, I can not tell you I have any complaints. The food in the cafeteria is not as healthy as I would like, but there is plenty of variety and an attempt to meet most individual prefrences. The humidity is very different from what I am familiar with and has taken an adjustment period. I wish that the distance between the universtiy and my family was less, because at times I miss the support that can only be obtained by people who trully know and love you.


I do not know of anything that is negative about my school. I love Union University and all the students and staff. This school is very welcoming and feels like home.


The worst thing that I've come across at Union is probably the dining experience. It's not always bad, and can occasionally be pretty good, but generally speaking, the food is probably the weakest aspect of the college experience at Union University. Cafeteria food is never the best, but it seems like it's not as good as it can possibly be.


The tuition costs.


I am going to miss parents but they are only about an hour away.


The only bad thing I would consider about Union University is it is sometimes difficult to make chapels on time. Apart from that, I have absolutely no complaints about Union.


That some may feel left out due to organizations like the fraternities and sororities. I know of students who were once in a fraternity that dropped out for an unknown reason and were then shunned by their friends they used to be in that fraternity with. I think the Greek life here is very clique-ish at times and some need to learn to have more unity among all students.


Probably the fact that not everyone on campus is Christian, so it is better than most colleges but you can still have some bad influences on you.


The only thing I dislike about Union University is that it does not offer Air Force ROTC, which is something I had previously aspired to participate in.


-I think that it is a bit small for me -no football:(


I think that Union University could improve in the area of racial diversity. The university is currently a mostly white university, but has been taking the initiative in recent years to recruit students from other backgrounds. The situation is improving, and the university is doing a great job, but it is not yet where they desire it to be.


It is a bit small, which can be both nice and annoying.


The strength of the advice given by our advisors in our particular fields is often weak or biased, giving us only a partial picture of the options for us to consider when choosing classes or opportunities outside of school.


For the most part Union is a very accepting school, but when it comes to more liberal thinking, they can tend to be more closed-minded. However, this is not the case most of the time and conflict usually doesn't arise because there are not many liberal thinkers that attend Union. It can be a hindrance if you prefer to get a more rounded point of view. But most professors (not all) give a well-informed opinion from knowing both sides of the issues discussed most of the time.


If you are not greek it is hard to find your niche


The meal plans are expensive and it is required that every student living on campus must buy at least 100 meals. The food is not very good either.


In my opinion, the worst thing about my school is either the on-campus meal options or the cost of tuition. The meal plan is not convenient and the food on campus is not very appetizing. Also, nothing like Chick-f-la or fast food is offered. The cost of tuition is also another downfall of the school.


There's not enough diversity, not just racially but politically and in any other sense I can think of. Alot of people here tend to get stuck in a bubble, particularly because Jackson isn't a big city. You just have to make it a point to break free from the bubble and live in the Jackson community apart from Union.


I think the worst thing about Union is the tuition. I grew up with a single mother just trying to survive. I knew that Union was where God wanted me to go because it was I loved the campus as soon as I set foot on it. The tuition is expensive and I hope to continue my education there.


The large tuition price.


The high caliber of academics and the number of social opportunities available makes it difficult to fit everything I want to do into each day. Maybe not a bad thing by some standards, but it means I can only do so much before I start worrying about either my grades dropping or missing time with friends.


Just that it is in a different region from my home, therefore it is colder. Also, tornado weather isn't great around that part.




They are poor planners, especially when it comes to intramurals, and the cafeteria is terrible.


The expensive tuition.


The inability to opt out of the meal program, because I think I could find a better deal on food elsewhere.


We're in a tornado zone. We were hit by two simultaneously on 2/5/08 leaving us with $40,000,000+ in damages. Not one of the 1200 students were killed but, we all grew up a lot that night. I was in a collapsed building. The students worked together with the rescue squads and the campus became a unified body like nothing else I have ever experienced.


I think thier athletics department is lacking somewhat.


Sometimes the cafeteria food isn't that great. I think the worst thing about Union is that it forces you to come to terms with the fact that we are all humans and not superheroes. Everyone wants to do everything because there are so many wonderful resources, activities, extracurricular events, and more, and you just cant do them all, but at the same time, it teaches you time management, how to prioritize and you gain invaluable experience that prepares you for the future.


The food plan and the cost of the food plan.


Because my school is on the smaller side, there is not a wide range of opportunities available in extracurricular activities or course offerings. While bigger schools may have organizations for every type of person and a huge selection of courses, Union has focused on offering more practical courses for its available majors. Furthermore, even though the school is still growing and adding new majors, there still remains a lack of available majors.

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