Union University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Union University is a Christian higher education school with a largely diverse community surrounding the campus. The various departments each have their own merits, but personally I can only speak to the excellence of the scientific communities at Union. The motto "future-directed" is certainly at play as they truely care about the next four years of your life and are willing to walk with you through them.


A person who has strong moral values and academic integrity.


A person with a Christian background who is looking for a quality education based in Christian principles.


Someone is willing to work hard independently and in small groups


Anyone who loves community and having many people to be around. Someone who does not mind working hard on school work and loves to be involved with very thought provoking conversations. A person who wants to grow as a better person should attend Union University.


Someone who is motivated to do really well and seek a degree should attend this school. More than that, though, someone who is committed to Christ, and desires to learn more about him, and how to live a life that honors him first should attend this school. Also, someone willing to be patient and submit to some partially strict guidelines should attend here.


a conservative christian who wants to learn


Anyone who seeks a school that integrates faith with learning.


A student who is dedicated to being stretched in their specific field. Someone who has a passion and desire for learning and studying under some of best minds in their field. Students considering Union University should be prepared to be challenged in every class their take and every lecture they are a part of because they will walk away from every class filled with tons of new information. Students should be willing to be challenged when considering Union University.


I'm not going to lie and say that everybody belongs at Union University. It is a private Baptist school and people who are not at least Protestant will have a very hard time fitting in and having a good college experience. The kind of person that would feel most comfortable at Union would be someone who is willing to work hard but is also willing to sacrifice their time to support the spread of the Gospel in the surrounding community through their positive attitude. A Union student generally recognizes that you get back tenfold what you give.


Well, the typical type of person that attends Union University is a baptist, middle class white student. Most kida at Union are fairly wealthy and a little sheltered. Also, the students are very academic and career minded. They are serious about academics and about their faith.


Someone who has Christian values, is academically focused, and driven. Union is a difficult university and can be challenging. The size is the perfect size for someone who wants to get to know a large amount of people. There are few enough to see the same people more than once, but too many to worry about seeing people you don't want to see.


Anyone who is curious about other cultures will be at home here at Union University. Be ready to study hard and take your education seriously. Dedication and hard work will undoubtedly be rewarded.


Union is a Christian university, so students searching for an engaging Christian environment are highly recommended to apply. The overall culture of the university is very loving and community focused, so people who desire to interact with others and build strong relationships would enjoy the Union atmosphere.


I feel that only those students who desire a school atmosphere that is deeply enriched in Christ-centered academics should attend this school. Only those who believe in school community and social interaction at its highest level should consider this school.


Someone who desires a great education from a top ranked school--Someone desiring a campus where teachers and adminitrations are more than just your teacher and mentor but are also your friends and family--Someone seeking a competitive education in a Christian atmosphere--Someone looking to to make life-long relationships--Someone who cares about academics


A focused student seeking a small college environment with conservative values will love this school. Although Baptist in background, all Christians will enjoy the school. The school is in the top 100 Best Buys of US World News and Report and the academics are great. You will get out what you put into this school.


The kind of person that should attend this school are those who are academically driven, success oriented, friendly, and looking for a small school with a christian worldview.


Anybody searching for answers in life or looking to further their learning with some of the leading experts on their subjects should attend Union. People who go into college looking for parties and eays classes should not but to those who are looking to fulfill their ambitions and make lifelong friends, Union would definitely be a great choice.

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