Union University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The food can be kinda blah. But that's all colleges


slow wireless internet


I do not like the fact that the school does not communicate important facts about financial aid. The school is not clear about how much we owe and are unwilling to help us.


Union University costs way too much!


The financial aide department is overwhelmed with students because let's face it, shcool is darn expensive, so it was hard to get information from them in a timely manner, but they do work with students and try their best to do whatever it takes to keep them at the school.


There is so many smart people you are determined to succeed!


The most frustrating thing at my Union is the quality of food we get for the amount of money we pay for it. On average we pay about $7.50 per meal and the food is not of good quality at all. It is often tasteless. Sometimes it makes me sick just to look at it.


Probably the expense. Union is a rather expensive place to further your education. I don't know that I will always have the finances/scholarships to attend school without getting a job. In my major, athletic training, there are "clinicals" (basically an apprenticeship opportunity under an athletic trainer in the area) that I must complete every semester. This requires my attending games, practices, and other events with whatever trainer I am with. This is often at night or in the afternoon, which is what would make it very difficult for me to get a job and keep it.




There seems to be a lack or willingness to do things differently in some of the faculty and staff.


The tuition prices increase every year but my financial aid never increases and I do not qualify for any other scholorships availiable from the university.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the financial deal. Union is a pretty expensive school. I know that they try to help and with the tornado money is budgeted there. However, I would love to receive more financial aid from them.


Sometimes it feels as though we are so geared towards improving things for the future of our university that we neglect our current issues. My greatest frustration with Union is that our food is terrible. That may sound silly, but we are required to have a meal plan, so we cannot avoid the cafeteria without wasting our meals. For someone that wants to eat healthy and enjoys quality food, this is very frustrating.


have to live on campus until 21


The outrageous tuition.


The most frustrating thing about Union is that because it is in the 'Bible Belt', many students and faculty are very close-minded and extremely conservative. There are outlets for such frustration, such as, cultural events, getting to know international students, studying abroad, etc. The lack of understanding and/or tolerance of others' beliefs or political views can be quite a disappointing aspect of the student life at this unversity.


the Conservative/Republican Christian atmosphere tends to create a close-minded attitude to other religions, sexual orientations, and political ideals.

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