Union University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The top-tier academics and school community.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the caring, joyful atmosphere. That's what drew me here in the first place. The second I stepped on campus, I could tell that there's just something about Union that makes it a joyful place.


I would say that one of the worst things about my school is the fact that the majority of the students and professors are a part of the Souther Baptist Convention, so there is not a very wide variety of beliefs and world views. This can be postitive and I appreciate recieving a Christian education, but it also is a somewhat limited education.


The best thing about my school is the small class sizes. With larger classes, the teachers do not have the one on one opportunity such as the one offered at Union University.


The school spirit and unity is very significant; I have been encouraged and inspired by it. The community of internationals and missionary kids draws me in, providing me with familiarities from home (I grew up as a missionary kid in Africa). I have also found the art department to be a wonderful learning environment, and that is a main reason why I chose Union University.


My sheer tenacity. I very much like to see a problem through, and this usually gets me through the rough patches. I find that many problems require a high degree of commitment in order to successfully complete them.


I consider the community at Union to be the best part of school. Everyone on campus is friendly and looking to meet new people and friends. I have made better friends in a year than I have my entire life. The school is small enough to meet people, but not so big that you get lost in the crowd and feel overwhelmed.


I think the best thing about Union University is their focus. The University focus on faith and people. This shows their heart and allows the student and faculty to be better people.


That it is a small Christian college. Because it is small, you get to know or at least recognize just about everyone on campus and the professors. There is a slower, more relaxed pace and everybody is pretty much friendly. It's more personal. The Christian part: regardless of your denomination, the Christian worldview is taught in the classrooms so that not only do you learn your academics, you learn it from a Christian standpoint and it strengthens and doesn't undermine your faith like perhaps learning in a secular school might do.


The professors. They are tops and the vast majority of them obviously love teacing. They are also very willing to be involved in students lives. I have several personal mentors through professors, I do a weekly book study with a small group of students in one professors house with him and his wife. The professors here really make the school what it is.


There are two aspects about this school that are amazing. As a Christian, this is a place where you are encouraged to see how faith and the world are not only not exclusive, but actually inseperable. However, no matter what your faith, you will find a place that wants you to suceed and will literally bend over backwards to help you do so!


It is a great academic school because it integrates faith and learning. Our school's nursing program is great as well.


The facualty and staff, the students from around the world who attend Union University.


The best thing about my school is that it integrates faith and learning. My faith in Jesus Christ is the reason I live and breathe; therefore, I enjoy learning from a Christian perspective.


The best thing about Union University is the environment in which students study. The campus is filled with loving and caring professors who desire to build relationships with students no matter their major or minor. The professors, faculty, and staff do their best to make the learning environment comfortable. Also, Union University is a very loving environment where everyone feels like family.


It is a place that provides good education with a Christian emphasis on everything.


They care about each student. They work hard to make sure your needs are met but also challenge you. I alos love that it is Christ-centered.


The sense of community is the best thing about Union University. Even though the student body is diverse in a lot of ways, our pride in Union unites us. After a devastating tornado hit our campus, we were able to bond in an amazing way. We grew together as we rebuilt the school that we love so much. When you come to Union, you get to be in a wonderful supporting community that has enough diversity to make it interesting but enough commonality to make you feel welcome and loved.


Without a doubt, the best thing is that we are Christ-centered. The teachers are wonderful at what they do, because they love the Lord. Union is a place that I can learn, have fun, and meet amazing people. I truly think that the Christ-centered atmosphere makes the world of a difference at our school.


The best thing about Union University is the relationships with other students and faculty. Union has the best students in the country. Union's faculty is caring, and very supportive of the students. They deeply care about the well being of the students academically.


The emphasis it puts on what the university stands for.


The faculty is incredibly interested in investing in the students' lives. We keep small classes in order to promote class discussion and teacher/student time at a max.


I think the best thing about my school is how much everyone cares about each other. The teachers truly care about the students here and their success. I feel valued here and I know the teachers want me to do my very best. They are personal and want to help you succeed. The students care about each other too. Last year, after my school was hit by a major tornado, the school banded together. We were constantly praying for the students who were still in the hospital and we couldn't wait for them to return to school.


It is a Conservative Christian school that focuses on the integration of faith and learning.


The best thing about this school is that it is not too small but not too big.


There is always someone there to turn too. College years can be difficult because they are about figuring yourself out and your future. At Union University, you can have the social life you want as willing as you put forth the effort. There are a lot of caring people there that will be there for you whenever you should need them. People care.


Union University is a family, a rigorous academic institution, with a perfect balance of size and space, accommodations and resources. The faculty and staff are highly involved, intriguing, engaging, and personable. They genuinely care about the students here at Union. Union is called union for a reason, we are unified as a school, an institution, a family and in Christ. Integrated faith and learning is a high priority here. Everyone matters, and here, there is a perfect balance of work and play. I don't regret a single moment here. Union has become my second family.


Ever since the campus was hit by a tornado last spring semester, the whole campus has been very community oriented. We were a huge community before, but now that we've all shared a traumatic and life-altering expirience, we feel closer than we have ever felt.


I believe the faculty is the best thing about my school. They seem to really want to see students succeed.


The community you feel there.


It is a Christian based college and a large amount of students and the professers are Christians. That is why I chose to go there although the tution is higher than some other colleges. I am solely responsible for my own financial expenses as my family can not help me. This has been a challenge. I met a friend for life the very fist day. The third day of school last Febuary, tornadoes hit our school and completely destroyed the student housing. In all the destruction I found that the faith of the students was mega. Everone pulls together.

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