United States Coast Guard Academy Top Questions

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The United States Coast Guard Academy is a challenging school where cadets are pushed to excel both physically and mentally. The Coast Guard Academy is looking for student athlete leaders who wish to serve as officers in the Coast Guard. Applicants should seek every opportunity to engage in athletics and community service activities in order to be a strong candidate for admission. Cadets who do possess sound moral character rarely make it through the first year of this program. However, well rounded individuals have an immense opportunity to develop personally and serve in their countries oldest continuous seagoing service.


It's a military school so you have to be open to discipline and all that. You don't have to pay a dime to come though which is a huge advantage and you will have a guaranteed job after graduation.


The Coast Guard Academy is unique in too many ways to name. To name a few, we have summer trainings that can take us all over the world, or flying in a helocopter, or running "boot camp", better known as Swab Summer, for the incoming freshman, or being responsible for a multimillion dollar military vessel. there is also the fact that when you gradutate, you will earn a commisioning as an officer in the United States Military. Many companies search for and nearly "stalk" former officers because of their discipline and ability to both lead and manage.


Most of the students are a lot more motivated in every aspect (academics, athletics, physical fitness, and service to the community) than any other school. Academics are much harder than anything you will experience at other colleges because you have to take math, science, and engineering courses regardless of your major. Also, our rooms are pretty much always clean because they have to be.


It is a military oriented academy that places a heavy emphasise on being prepared to serve the country in the maritime environment.


The Coast Guard Academy offers something that no other college can offer: a commission as an officer in the United States Coast Guard. Academics are top-notch and intense, you must be on top of your game to succeed here. Also, the people you meet become your friends for life as you become bonded to them in a way that only a service academy can. You will travel the country, perhaps the world, and do things that most people only dream about doing. It is an amazing experience.


It's a Military Academy so while you are earning your degree you are also training to be an Officer in the Coast Guard. You are also required to participate in 2 sports for the year and to pass physical fitness evaluations. Additionally, the GPA is based on academics, military, and physical aspects when you graduate. It's hard but rewarding.


My school is a military institution, so it is very regimented. There are a lot of rules to follow here, and if you do not follow them, there are consequences. But with that, one has to understand that it is a military Academy, not a regular college.


It's a military school, therefore a lot of your decisions are made for you, which can definetly be a bonus. Also, I don't pay for school, food or uniforms and everything I could ever need, I can find on campus.