Unity College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Unity College is a close community that builds off of every students goals, hopes, and dreams to create an amazing atmosphere.


Unity College is completely different from all other colleges; you will not compeltely understand it until you live it. Once you live it, you will know it is the perfect college for you.


Unity College is a socially conscious, academically challenging institution that helps its students to grow personally as well to foster in them an ethic of care regarding the world around them - in short, it is an amazing school.


Unity College is a school devoted to teaching its students how to be environmental stewards and helping them protect and serve the environment in a sustainable way.


My school is eniornmental and we do what we can to change the way people see the earth one person at a time.


Unity College has a mix of students, but everyone here enjoys the outdoors to some extent.


My school is considered to be "America's Environmental College."


This is a wonderful, out going, very environmental school, has a lot of potential give to students, very involved in the environment.


My school is a liberal arts school that is strongly dedicated towards environmental stewardship.


Environmentally friendly with the emphisis on working hard but enjoying that work at the same time.


Unity College, America's Environmental College, is a small, friendly, community based campus.