Unity College Top Questions

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We are the most green school in the United States! Our small classes and hands on activites has prepared me stronger for a degree in Conservation Law field than any other school i could have went to. This school is overall great to attend and I recommened it to all. This school is what you make it.


Unity College is unique in many ways that are undescribable. Unity is very hands on, it has a variety of specialized majors such as captive wildlife and adventure therapy. Unity is a small school so its also very one on one ans the teachers all know the students by their first names and are willing to help with whatever you need as long as they are able to. Also Unity has many trips and opportunities to learn outside of the classroom, such as hiking trips and canoeing. Unity is just simply unique in many ways.


It is extremely environmentaly friendly (we are trying to become carbon neutral), and offers majors that most schools don't.


Unity college is geared towards living sustainably. Classes here are small, and I get a chance to really get to know my teachers.


Most of the colleges i considered were large and didnt have the specific major i needed to reach my goals. I thought it was interesting that the school is very enviornmental and that you actually get hands on experience that goes along with what you learned with your lectures.


Unity College is unique in that it is a small school, more like a community than a college. Here at Unity the Professors invite you to their homes for dinner and holiday meals, the cleaning and cafeteria staff know the students by name, and all of the five-hundred some students know one another by name as well. A community like that is a hard thing to find at a college, but here at Unity it is a commonplace and welcome thing.


My school is small and everyone on campus knows each other and respects each other.


I didn't consider any other schools. Unity stood out because of its focus on the environment and the fact that its a small school.


Extremely friendly, let people express themselves for who they really are, evironmentally based, small schoool in the mountains, alot of outdoor sports and recreation.


Unity is unique in its location, its size, the casual atmosphere, and the degree programs that the school offers.