Unity College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The two biggest groups and clubs I can think about is the Woodsman Team and the Ultimate Frisbee team. I really couldn't tell you about the Woodsman Team and what they do because I have never been to a competition or seen them practice, I just see a great amount of people wear the jackets and talk about it. The Ultimate Frisbee team is just a really passionate group that loves to play Frisbee and have a great time. Even though I am not on the team, from time to time I find myself throwing around the disc with them and holding a conversation. Most people here are super easy to talk to. Other than that, for some reason Magic The Gathering has been sweeping the campus, and old players, like myself, have started playing again. But really, everyone here is pretty diverse and are engaged in other activities. We also have a sugar makers club, an FFA organization, and I know of a beekeepers club trying to get started up. Those are just a few that come straight to mind, but I don't have enough fingers and toes to name all of the clubs and activities we have here Unity. I guarantee there is something that will catch your interest.


The most popular clubs on campus are Woodsmen team, Frisbee (which im the captin of), search and rescue and primitive skills. im sure there are others that are popular, but those are the only ones i can think of. Activites some kids enjoy are netflix, but we never see those kids so im going to exclude them from this question. Bands, dances, kareoke are extremely popular, as well as deans cup, which is like the harry potter house cup but with the dorms. Athletic events havebeen increasing in popularity, but only cuz of my frisbee comrads who are very spirited. Partying isnt huge around here, but its around and just gotta keep in mind that if your bored, its your own damn fault.