Unity College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That I get to work with American carrion beetles.


How small the school is compared to other colleges. All the hands on work that we get to do in labs, such as field trips, using microscopes and using equipment that would be used in the field.


The enviornment of the school. It is very homey. The people here care about social and enviornment issues like no others.


Small school with easy access to teachers.


The one thing that I tell my friends about Unity College is that I like how it is a small based college, and how the teachers really get to know who you are. I Tell them that I like the community atmosphere of Unity College because it give me a touch of home when I am here, these are some of the things that I tell my friends about Unity College.


I talk about how small and family-esqe it is, how it is trailblazing sustainability in the USA, and how much it is preparing me for a job I will love.


When I discuss Unity College, the thing I brag most about is the Conservation Law Enforcement major. This major is extremely beneficial for your future. We practice collecting evidence, doing search warrants, and can take firearm training classes. This major is very helpful on preparing you to be a law enforcement officer. It is tailored to help you obtain a job as either a game warden, marine partol officer, or federal agent. This major is the best thing about my school.


I tell my friends about how our environment is our classroom and how we take outdoor adventures through various terrain and many different habitats lto earn about so many unique subjects..


I brag about how particular my classes are and pertinent to my major they happen to be. For example: I plan on working with reptiles in a captive setting (zoos). I had an animal training class and trained a python to shift into a box when I habituated its actions to an external stimulus and reward.


I brag aboiut how in tune with nature this school is and how eassy it is to get away from your schoolwork and relax when it is needed. Plus the amount of extr-curricular activities and clubs we have. There is always something for everyone.