Unity College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who likes having constant activities to complete, or if they like having popular industries close, like McDonalds or a WalMart, should not attend Unity College. The nearest WalMart is thirty minutes away, as well as every other big name company. In the town of Unity, there are two pizza places, a grocery store, and various small shops. A person who does not like the cold or nature should also not attend because Maine is always cold and nature is the only thing to look at.


Someone who does not like the outdoors or wants a career working in forests, camps, with animals, or sustainability.


Unity is a very relaxed place and professors and students are on a first name basis. Classes are very small and it is a tight community, so if someone wants a large crowd Unity is not the place.


People who aren't interesed in being outdoors and don't like small schools wouldn't be interested in Unity College's campus of 600 studying an environmental curriculum.


I'd say the type of person that wouldn't enjoy this school would be an enterprising type of person. Especially if they mean to find gain in the destruction of natural environments. This college is very environmentally sound.


Every person should attend this school there is a big diversity of people there that it is easy to find friends who have common interests and it is very easy to find friends and everyone gets along, little tuffles here and there but otherwise its great. And lets put it this way we are a big hippie and redneck school, but there are other people there too, and they get along wonderfully. We all share almost the same goal at that school and we are a commUNITY at that school and it feels like you have a second family there