Unity College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Pre-Registration is hard because its first come first serve and if you don't get your classes you need you could not graduate on time! This is hard because i dont want to have to stay another semester and pay another 17k just because i couldn't get a class!


I have only gone to Unity College for one year and as of right now, I have not found anything about Unity College that is frustrating to me. I say this because once you meet people, you pretty much know them and the teachers are always there to help you when you need it, even if they are not there you can always email them and they can always set up a time to meet with you if you are having any problems.


The most frustrating things at Unity College is the litter on campus. I came to Unity because it is "America's Environmental College" but after the snow melted I saw litter all over campus. I did not expect to see this at an evironmental school. Some of the student body's habits frustrates me. Fortunelty after I cleaned up all of the litter on campus I spelled out Don't Litter with the trash. This made it in the school's newspaper and I was also able to incorporate the pick-up in a research project.


The most frustrating thing about Unity is that it is so expensive. To attend Unity College I have to pay over twenty-eight thousand dollars every year. That doesn't count the plane tickets to get from North Carolina to Maine and then back again for winter and summer break, or the books and school supplies that I have to buy at the start of every semester. It's difficult to find enough scolarships to pay off that bill, and it's painful when you realize that you still don't have enough, and you need to get a loan.


I would have to say the most frustrating thing about attending Unity College is trying to find something to do off campus. The town of Unity has three great pizza places and a grocery store, but that can't really keep anyone busy for long. The nearest movie theatre or Walmart is about 40 minutes away.




Holly Hein in the registrar is a selfish tyrant who takes pleasure in making student life difficult.


The campus at Unity College is so small that everybody knows about everything that goes on in everyone elses life. There is a lot of drama and rumors because of this.


Truely, nothing about the school is frustrating, the only thing that might frustrate a few kids is that the closest big town is a half an hour away, but the school is great. If there happens to be something that does frustrate you there are counclers and teachers and friends who help you though it and give help and great advice.