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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


In the high school, you have to be aware of good grades. With good grades, you can go any university you want. To get that, you have to have study habits. If you need help with that do not be ashamed of asking for help to a teacher, counselor your parents, etc. In the early years, you have to be focus and oriented in the career of your choice. Get orientation of different universities in or out the country. You can visit them and have a more extend orientation of you career. Believe in yourself and the talents that you have, never underestimate yourself. God created you with a purpose and through you career you can find it.


Rethink over and over all the available opportunities to study, all different type of bachelor's and the rate of students who actually graduate with job offers or at least with an extended intership to see if they might qualify for the job. Apply to only the schools you're interested and not more than 4. Also make sure that you are able of being responsible if you're going to live away from home.


Angela, I suggest you to enjoy as much as you can your college years, but most important be focus in your goals, you can do everything you want but you have to work for it!! Life is not easy, but any little effort that you make for your success and your future it will be a reward in your life. The knowledge is Power, and all you can learn in school will help you to become a better human being in the future. Wisdom consist to enjoy yourself, accept yourself and others, and being a role model to your family and children.... Think in a profession that doesn't give you satisfaccion because of the money you can make or how the people can call you...choose a profession that you can give the best of you for the success and the well being of others, that will give you the tools for live an abundant and happy life, being proud of yourself....just think about it!! Blessings and Good Luck!!


To go forward with the decission to go study at Sacred Heart University. But dont think that you know everything about one person open yourself to trust and to knew ways of seeing people and obstacles as ways of learning about yourself and others.


The first thing that I would tell my self is not to fail to take the oportunitie of going to college. Also to do the best a can on my grades so I can get better finacial aids. Encourege all my friends to pass expirience of going to college.