University at Buffalo Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


University at Buffalo (UB) has been known for well develped enginnering and pharmacy programs. Campus is also another factor that a lot of people know this campus due to the fact that UB has North and South campus. New coming freshmans will garanteed be lost in the North campus (most of the time). The univeristy is also known for the tuition becuase more people are eligiable for attending school with the tution compare to other universities. In fact, financial aid office did a great job for helping students to get aids that's needed for students.


The academic push at the school gives it the reputation it has of having highly successful students although the large class sizes of the lower level classes can discourage some. You have to be able to be a self-sufficient student to make it through the university.


UB is known for being a research oriented school. The medical and science programs here are doing some amazing research. Many professors come here to do research while they teach.


My school is best known for it's athletics.


Buffalo State is one of the most popular education schools in the area.


it is a SUNNY college and costs less to go to and kids come from all over the United States to attend college there


The University at Buffalo is an extensive research school that takes pride in the many innovations accomplished by both students and faculty members.


My school is known for football and buffalo wings. It is the city's past time activities.


My school is best known for its diversity and focus on academic success.


The University at Buffalo is best known for three things. The first one is being internationally reconized as a prejustice school for it's academic exellecnce and well educated professors. The second would be being a big research university in the fields of earthquake resistance, enviormental concerns, and nerosurgery. The university has many professors and students engaged wit research throughout the academic year. The third thing is their sports programs. They are taking much more pride in them over the past ten years. Expecially with the MAC champion Bulls this past year.


My school is best known for its research based, practical majors such as engineering and jobs in the hard sciences. It is also known for it's large size.


Partying, many libraries, cold weather


The cold. The large campus and our football team that has just recently improved.




competitive, diversity, cold, snow, suburbs


the snow!!! it is so cold here, but i have so much fun with my new friends!!


U.B. is best known for driving all of it's students toward academic excellence and not settlign for less than their personal best. This University also strongly supports each individual with their own beliefs, and expects that other's honor that.




Buffalo is known for the Pre-Med and Business Schools. Also for the snowy and colder weather.


They partying and the bars that are open until 4AM.


Having a lot of Indian and Asain people, Freaternaty parties, drinking


Their graduate programs in the medical field.


art, performances, guest speakers like Jon stewart and Stephen Colbert


We are a very well-rounded school, with the most majors offered out of all the colleges in the New England states i believe.


Asians, sciences, enginerring, lots of people, competetive classes, many social clubs and such.


SUNY at Buffalo is known for the attempt to become a model public research university for the 21st century by the year of 2020.


Research. I studied abroad in Australia and while watching televised news one day I saw a professor of mine from UB whom I loved. They were discussing his ADHD current research developments. I was shocked and so excited to say, "hey, that was my professor! That's my home school!!!"


Extensive research and parties


Being a research university, its business program and affordability to in-state students




Research, very big in Psychology. I strongly recommend this school for anyone seeking a PhD. We also are a Divison I school and have a great sports program.


diversity, UB is a melting pot of races and personalities.


Buffalo winters, how big the school is


My school is best known for its sciences and research facilities, it has some of the top researchers and top scientists in several fields, and new studies and results occur on a pretty regular basis.

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