University at Buffalo Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the size of the University. It is amazing having so much culture and variety at my finger tips. I meet people from all around the world on a daily basis.


School is like a love-hate relationship. It was definitely a great experience. However, at the same time I wish things could have been better. Maybe things would have been better off so I wouldn't need to go for a second degree. It was extremely competitive because there's a lot of students and limited amount of spaces in programs.


About the didfficulty of the school. It's not a cake walk and that coming out of this university I have high expectations for my future. The programs at the school are challenging and the best in the area, even some of the best programs in the country.


When I tell my friends about my school, I tell them about all the incredible things I'm learning. What I've learned is fascinating in college, and unlike some high school classes, the classes I take in college are interesting enough for me to want to engage in. There are also so many opportunities for me to get out and meet people, experience diversity and expand my horizons. I've never felt more at home, while in reality I'm hundreds of miles from home. The opportunities are endless, but only my desire to succeed can take me there.


That there is a lot of oppertunities for medical careers and also research for those specific areas of a students interest.




I love how friendly and helpful everyone is on campus.


They allow you a lot of freedom here and truly treat you like an adult. They also provide a lot of interesting activities and programs so choosing to do good things with your freedom isn't hard.


The weather


We won the MAC 2009, the size of classes, the GPA of most applicants, diversity in classes and majors and programs.


The modern architecture and the size of the school, as well as all the friends I made from all over the world.


the wide range of activities and student involvements on campus. just the overall experience


I tell them about how my American politics prof. and i went to New York city to present a research paper together and now we will both be published. I tell them about the clubs that im in and the fact that my scholarship is amazing and will be paying for me to study abroad!


My research work, we get to do individual research projects if we so choose.


That i made it out of the poor and go to a school that has a hug name, and that we have the best sports teams ever and The School does alot for us, expecually when it comes to something we are intrested in and most of all there is so much to do that it is never a dull moment!!


I like to talk about how many people go here, the friends that I've made, the diversity of people on campus and the awesome experience I've had in my department.


The social and nightlife of SUNY Buffalo is the thing I brag most about obviously. Who honestly brags about classes?


The racial diversity in the school is huge. People come from different parts of the world with amazingly diversed culture.


The diversity and extensive variety of programs and options for students.


our football team did really well this year, how big our school is, and the party scene.


Our sports teams. My GEO teacher was my best professor so far in my college career.


i tend to brag about how much there is to do , and how many living on campus and off campus options they have.


The silly things that happen there.


The out of class work we did instead of having finals we were paired up with local companies in order to create marketing plans for them. The free concerts, the sporting events, the night life, and the housing.


The SIze of the school and the number of campuses. Since it has 2 main Campuses and 1 downtown campus, which makes this school unique

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