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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


No stereotypes that I know of.


There aren't any specific stereotypes localized to only this school. All schools have some amount of frat boys, pot heads, and jocks and geeks. UB could be considered to lean in the direction of geeks, as it has good engineering and architecture programs, and you can pick out any Division 1 athlete by the clothes promoting the school they wear all day.


Some say UB is really big school and it may be hard to meet people and develop close relationships. But the reality is that the best way to develop friendships is to join clubs and be active on campus and you will see how easy it is to develop great friendships.


I guess that is a common concern that is dealt with in many schools but the difference here at UB is that the school is so large and so diverse that these stereotypes do not really affect life at the school.The school is diverse in so many ways. This includes ethnicity, home town locations, majors etc. UB is one the the largest schools in the nation and it really hard to pin a stereotype on the students here. There are multiple organizations that focus on hobbies, religions and ethnicity and no group discriminates others who just wish to join and go to meetings and events. The only stereotype I could see the school as a whole is that this is a "Research school." Yes there is A LOT of research going on here and close to ever professor is doing research but this does not mean that this research is all science based. There is research in every type of field here at UB which covers majors such as sociology, business, graphic design, chemistry, psychology, physiology, Art, Music etc. There is research I believe in every major. This is what is meant by we are a research school. However, not everyone is doing research and you certainly do not have too if that is not something you are interested in. There are definitely a ton of programs that are available. that are not related to research.

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