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What kind of person should not attend this school?


As I answered on the previous quesion. UB is a very competitve university. Therefore, people that aren't willing to spend a lot of time on academics, and have fun in extracurricular activities will not be prepared to attend this school. Speaking on extracurricular activities, UB have a student government that runs by students. Many clubs were formed and still increasing in number. In other words, there are tons of extracurricular activities for students to participate. People who know how to manage their time are well fit for University at Buffalo.


I personally don't think there is a kind of person who should not attend this school. The school is very diverse and there are many kinds of people from all over the U.S. and many that come form over seas. Maybe if a person cannot stand the could then UB is not the school for you becasue it is freezing at least 75% of the time we are here.


People that are not looking to improve their education or knowledge level should not attend this college. The college is great academically and offers numerous opportunities to broaden ones understanding in their field of study. If one is not looking to work or further educate themselves I would not recommend this school.


Liberal, open to new ideas and experiences.


Students that are lacking an interest in a well rounded curriculum should definetely not attend this school. It is a city area college and has a diverse environment, one that is not focused on education and going above and beyond learning should seek their education elsewhere.


This school is all about focusing on your academic. Academic is very important and the university offers many types of careers for students. If the student(s) are not willing to work hard and get involved in the school activities, volunteering and research programs, then this school would not be good for them.


If one doesn't have the will to learn and give ther all to their studies this is not the school for them. One must be dedicated an strive to achieve their best in all classes. There will be times you may want to give up and quit this like a marriage you have to take the good with the bad and do what you have to to make it work. If you are a weak person or someone who doesn't follow through with things your gonna fail .


A person who needs one on one experience with their professor. If you like close interaction with your professors, then you should not attend this school. It is very based upon research and not so much on learning. If you want to be a person and not a number then do not attend this school.


someone that is afraid of crowds or talking in front of or attending classes with over hundreds of people


A student who is not looking for an affordable education or a person who is not devoted to getting a higher education and a succesful future. Those students who do not feel comfortable in very large classes should also find another school.


Someone who doesn't like big campuses


Anyone can attend.


If you are not sure what you want to major in, I suggest going to a community college first. It will save a lot of money and time.


someone who is very school and study oriented.


Someone who isn't sure about what they want to focus on for the rest of their lives.


someone who is afraid of meeting new people and those who don't like the cold


People who don't enjoy being in classes with a large number of students in them. Most of the begining classes have about 400 students in them. When you become upperclassmen the classes begin to get smaller.


Someone that does not like big campuses.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who wants to go to a school with a large population and a lot of diversity.


Close minded people, or those who prefer smaller class sizes.


Some one who is not willing to do lots of course work or dedicated.


Individuals who like very small classes. Individuals who prefer not to interact with diverse populations.


One who is looking to escape, and broaden their horizons (from a city dwellers perspective)


Someone not used to diversity and neutral to other cultures


One that wants liberal arts education.


Some one looking for a community of peers interested in pursuing theoretical areas of academics would be disapointed. A person who is whole commited to the arts would also de disapointed.


A person that is interested in urban planning but has no idea what to take as an undergrad


Who likes to be around people and meet a lot of people and have the total college experences


Someone who wants a small school


A person who wants to live in a warm climate and doesn't like snow shouldn't go there. It's always overcast in the winter and cold. Go if you love snowboarding/skiing.


Anybody can attend if they have self control over their goals.


A conservative


One that likes a lot of ppl and big places


Students who not used to strictly professional and "business is business" nature should not attend this school. Students who are more comfortable with a friendly relationship with faculty and staff should not attend this school because it can feel like the faculty and staff walk "with their chins in the air".


People who aren't serious about their future.


People looking for peers who are as interested in learning as they are shouldn't go here unless they plan to do pre-pharm, med, law. People who don't want to pay absurd amounts of money to live on campus shouldn't go here. People who hate snow should NEVER EVER go here. We've had one snow day in the last 25 years. People who want to make friends in know people in a smaller setting shouldn't go here. It's hard to hold on to friends from sem. to sem.


Anyone who needs a small learning environment and one on one attention from your teachers, its not the shcool for you. The class rooms are very large and one on one with teachers is limited to none.


Someone who can't handle lectures, someone who needs one on one attention.


Someone who cant deal with large lecture classrooms for the first two years.


someone afraid of a challenge and doesnt want to work.

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