University at Buffalo Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


To me there isnt anything frustrating about school im actually enjoying the experience.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that I live on South Campus but all my classes are on North Campus.


Catching the shuttle buses that transfer you from the north and south campuses due to the amount of students that may try and get on at any given time.


Sometimes you just feel like a number. It's a big school so it's easy to get washed in with the bunch. You have to make a name for yourself; with professors, advisors and other faculty.


My school is very competitive and it is very difficult sometimes to earn good grades even when you put all your effort.


The classed here are more harder than at my previous school New York City Tech. Some of the professor's ways of teaching are hard to grasp and I find my self needing to seek a tutor in order to understand the lessons. The turor's have helped me greatly but I hope the professsor's I get this sesmester are more clear and concise.


The price of food. They want students to buy the meal plans, so breakfast and lunch foods are priced around $7 and dinners around $9, which means that unless you have a dining plan you're paying a LOT of money for food. As a commuter, I prefer to bring my own lunches or just wait to eat until I get home.


Sometimes pros and cons can overlap. The fact that the school is so large is overwhelming at first, and for lack of a better word, scary. Navigating around the campus and trying to find the right building is a huge task for someone who isn't a "well-seasoned" student. Also, because the school has to accomadate so many students, class sizes often reach 400+ and you begin to feel more like a number than an actual person.




the campus food


It is cold in the winter!


The professor's is the most frustrating thing about SUNY at buffalo because they are professor's not teachers.


UB creates slave labor out of its students. We are forced to do "community service" when caught breaking the rules on campus, on pain of not being able to register for classes. The school is reluctant to issue more jobs to its students who need money because they can get the same work for free by using the community service rule. In an economic depression, job allocation is an essential part of digging oneself out.


Administrators and advisors giving you the run-around, but in a way it does make a person grow by his or herself into an independent and mature individual preparing for the real world.


The snow.... Buffalo is freezing and it's constantly snowing buckets.....


there's so many people it's hard to do well.


It is hard to meet new people because you only see them once and unless you make plans to see them again you never do in a school this big.


class schedules, getting courses you need to get. They frequently get full and because of the sequencing they can be hard to get. I'm concerned about graduating in 5 years instead of 4 because of this.


The combination of the poor weather and the depressing atmosphere and defeatist attitude of the actual city of Buffalo are the only frustrating parts about UB.


the printing


Getting to class in the cold


Bussing to and from campus is slightly frustrating especially on the weekends.


The academic advisors are so shitty. They just sign you up for classes and dont show you how to pick classes or sign up for them on your own


The thing that is most frustrating about SUNY at Buffalo is it's location. Because it is so far north, it is cold majority of the academic year.


The commuting between classes during the winter months.


The large classes, hands down. I'm simply a number and rarely get to experience hands-on learning.


The weather is cold and windy. The North Campus is designed poorly and is ugly. You can only travel underground during the winter for the most part.


No school spirit.




Large classes


A lot of professors here teach the same 101 lecture year after year, not a thing different. Thus, many people cheat and are rightfully bored out of their minds. Departments fail to cross-list. The "journalism certificate" is a joke. There are NO concentrations in majors. Lots of classes are "special topics" or at the discretion of the teacher and end up being awful, on only one book, on the teachers pet project, or the same as every other speical topics class.


Sometimes some things are crowded


When everyone that doesn't go to a SUNY school, tries to talk it down and make like it's less of a good time.

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