University at Buffalo Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How cold it gets.


I wish I knew who to interact with and who to avoid. There are kind people but there are also people who do not wish you well in term so success. That includes students, professors, and even advisors. Just be careful and dont be too naive. Be confident in your background. You are there too learn not to be the prom Queen or King.


I wish I could have started earlier, I wish i could have started right after highschool.


It is very cold in buffalo

Man Ting

Nothing. Everything is good here.


I wish I had known the campus better. Especially as a freshmen. Its a wonderful campus, huge and full of life, but as a freshmen you can be easily be intimidated by the buildings and halls that can fit hundreds of people within them. I wish i had gone to my orientation, then I would have had a easier time navigating the school, alas whats done is done.


I wish I knew how great the school was before I came here, then I would have gotten here sooner.


I wish I would have known how difficult getting around such a huge school would be and how confusing it could get.


I wish I had realized how many opportunities UB truly has to offer. Coming from a small high school, I was not used to the idea of a multi-faceted education. UB gives you more than a degree, it gives you an experience. You can choose to participate as much or as little as you like, but had I been aware as a freshman, I would have gotten involved so much sooner!


That I have to get my Ph.d in order to have a career.


I came to SUNY Buffalo as a transfer and i wish i had known how organized you had to be to be really successful. At my old college porfessors would remind us of deadlines, missed work, make up tests ect. Not here, the students are expected to be responsible for everything. Thats not so say you can't find help but you have to go find it, help will not come to you.


It is really cold in Buffalo, no but like really, really cold.


I wish i had known exactly what i wanted to major in


How to study by myself better.


I wish i had a better idea of a career path for myself.


I wish I had known more about the weather here, how rainy and cold it is here. I also wish I had known how bad the parking would be here.


There isn't really anything. I felt they did a good job informing students at Orientation.


how cold it really is and how bad the city is


the size of the school and a little more about the weather conditions in the winter.


i knew everything i needed to know.


Nothing, all came in due time.


How quickly the four years goes by.


I wish my high school had a focus in Engineering. I would have been able to better choose my major instead of playing catch up when I finally realized what I wanted to major in.


That the library has a lot of the course text books available so you dont have to spend so much money buying books that you will never read again once the class is finished.


I wish I had known how long it takes for financial aid to kick in. I had to pay very late in each semester so far to get by because of not hearing back from financial aid about my loans and grants.


How cold it would be- nearly everyday. When it's not cold, it's raining.


There are a lot of people, and alot of them will help you, all you have to do is ask.


I wish i had know that is bad to live on campus. it's hard to leave with people who have opposite life style than you. i wish i had know that is better if you know how to drive. I wish I had know the expense to study here is that expensive. If i know i think i will not study in suny buffalo.


more about clubs and the resources available to students such as in the library.


It's always overcast, and you need a car to get around.


Nothing. I like not knowing.


No suggestions for change.


I wish I had known how competetive it is to get the classes you need in my particular major, I may have mapped out a different route if I knew earlier.


I wish I had known how truly big it is and that there was not a certification track for undergraduate students.


i wish i had known more people coming in


I wish I would have known just how big the campus was and the resources available to the students


How much there is to study and take advantage of.


I wish I had known that there was an amazing gym for free that the students could use whenever they wanted. I also wish I had known that the University at Buffalo would be the perfect pick for me even though it wasn't my first choice.

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