University of Advancing Technology Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Due to the amount of specialization in the degree programs, there are actually many people that should not attend UAT. People that enjoy working with computers and wish to make that their future, as well as artists, will find themselves at home here. Outside of that, though - biologists, writers, historians, and so on - really do not belong here. Such a specialized school has strengths and weaknesses, one of the weaknesses being the small scope of people that can, or would want to, attend.


Someone who doesn't have a passion for technology and where its going in the future would not fit in at this school. The University of Advancing Technology is exactly how it sounds their main focus is the advancement of future technology and the movement of their students into it. You have to love computers, games, programming, computer art, etc to really belong to this school because you wont have much in common with many students there.


The persons that are just looking get a degree in the fields that are offered only because they saw that resulting job pays a lot should not attend. Also people that do not love the technology that they are learning about and are afraid of being labeled a geek should not attend this school.


Someone who is not a nerd, not very smart, not 100% sure of what they want to do. Someone who isn't very financially stable. Someone who hasn't had extensive prior experience in the field they are interested in


Unfortunately, while UAT is very technology-driven, there are no school sports teams. Anyone focused on physical performance in athletics would have an extremely hard time fitting in at UAT. While there are gym facilities as well as a fitness club active within the school, their is no hiding the blatent bias towards the geek stereotype. Essentially, UAT is a place for geeks, and I feel that anyone who considers themself a jock would not feel comfortable at UAT.


Someone who is completely and totally anti-social.


If you are full of yourself you shouldn't come to UAT. Also if you are not serious about your major.