University of Alabama at Birmingham Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


University of Alabama at Birmingham is the most diverse, top research university, a powerhouse, and a vital part of the state of Alabama.


My school is Career-focused, goal-oriented, and a well diversed university.


UAB is an university that has a sense of community, family, and a sense of pride of what the students and university is doing in the community and what they are striving for in the future; UAB has the aspect of all of the fun and action of bigger school but students can fill proud that others can't just go to the store and buy UAB things they have to come to the campus to get those items.


UAB is difficult and challenging but fair.


A big campus in the middle of the city with tons of students and faculty from all over the world.


UAB offers an excellent opportunity for students to earn a competitive eduation at a competitive cost.


My school is very diverse!


UAB is very diverse, clean, and has a great atmosphere but, there arent many stares around like walmart.


UAB is a fully committed research university that provides many opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students alike.


Someone who has never seen my school would at first think it is very large. This is absolutely true. It is a very large campus that is in downtown Birmingham. We have many buildings usually devoted to a certain subject area, such as a Chemistry Building, a Humanities Building, a building for the arts, a building for social sciences, etc. A person who has never seen our school would also think it is very beautiful. The architecture is pretty cool. We also have many recreational areas on campus such as a huge area of land called "The Green" where students have picnics, play frisbee, and all sorts of other fun things.


The University of Alabama is trying to turn itself into a traditional university even though the location of the school is not in a traditional setting.


A school where you can learn and further your career describes my school.


The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a school of a vibrant energy, a thriving student community, and a school that believes in pushing torwards the future through continued education and the highest technologies.


The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a academically challenging, research driven, diverse, competitive, wonderful, but expensive school that I love attending.


My school is a very fan-based, loving family and diversity school.


The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a highly diverse school that offers numerous majors and minors, offers hundreds of organizations and activites year round, and is an overall wonderful place to attend.


UAB is big and tends to be really rowdy on game days which is kind of irritating if you're studying.


The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a nationally-ranked teaching and research center, offering a full range of academic and social programs, while giving a Southern hospitality and charm.


UAB is a diverse and culturally rich university centered in the heart of downtown Birmingham that offers endless opportunities for students, alumni, and the general public to get involved in academics, foreign cultures, the arts, music, spiritual, volunteer, and atheletic opportunities for the betterment of individuals and society.


UAB is the best school to attend if you are looking for a full college experience from a reputable University, all the while receiving aspects other colleges offer such as diversity and freedom.


UAB is a very diverse, academically challenging university that focuses on success during students' college years, and it prepares students' to be successful in any career they may choose after graduation.


a continued work in progress


Winona State University is diverse, friendly, focused and fun.


My school is very professional and career based working hard to prepare its students to be the best as they enter masters programs in medical schools, engineering schools, business schools, as well as other professional schools.


My school is academic focused.


My school is a good academic school because is based on doing your best there.


Fun and educational place to be in


The school is big.


uab is awesome and cost a lot of money.


Everyone is friendly, goal oriented, and proud.


My school is culturally diverse and offers many possibilities for the future.


It is academically challenging, career orientated, and a door that can lead to many great opportunities.


UAB is a very lively university that focuses on helping students to acheieve their future goals.


UAB is diverse, academically competetive, community involved and aware, career focused, pre-proffesional, and mulit-oppuruntisitc university.